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Golden tan: 5 tips for a gloden and radiant skin

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The most desired tan is the golden one, which enhances natural beauty and makes it shine! But is it possible to have it easily? Of course yes, follow us, we are going to tell you 5 simple secrets for a great tan.

  1. ° secret : use the right sunscreen
  2. ° secret: avoid the hottest hours
  3. ° secret: take care of your skin after a day at the beach
  4. ° secret: eat suntan friendly foods
  5. ° secret: integrate the correct nutrients

Under the sun we can’t wait to get a tan, in fact, the tan enhances the beauty, gives a more beautiful appearance, the skin becomes brighter and gives up that dull color due to the hectic life and the winter just past. Tanning is synonymous with the sea, holidays, happiness and relaxation, then if we tan properly, if the tan is golden, bright and uniform, happiness is double. Is it difficult to get it? Absolutely not, in fact it is simpler than one might think. It is enough to put into practice a few small actions within everyone’s reach to succeed in the business.

Stop wasting time, here are the 5 tips for a golden and lasting tan.


With sunscreen you get less tanned. You have just read one of the most wrong beliefs ever, it is not just a question of protection and health, it is also a question of aesthetics, sunscreen is essential to protect us from UV rays, but it is also essential to have an even tan that lasts in time.

It is very important to choose the correct degree of protection based on various factors ranging from the color of our skin, the phototype, to the degree of tanning, to how we experience exposure to the sun. There are many solutions on the market but the advice is to avoid products from the supermarket shelf and focus on quality products to guarantee the protection and well-being of the skin.


How beautiful the sea and the sun that warms the skin, all fantastic, but especially at the beginning of the holiday we avoid long exposures, and we avoid the hottest hours, the central ones of the day with the most intense sun rays. It is a good idea to apply the sunscreen several times during the day and use it even if you stay under an umbrella or on cloudy days. In these conditions the sun’s rays penetrate equally and without protection there would be a very annoying, and in some cases dangerous, sunburn that ruins the holiday. Remember to apply sunscreen even after a bath.


The importance of taking care of the skin during sun exposure is undoubted, but it would be a serious mistake to forget about the aftermath! Sun, salt, sand, put our skin under stress, and at the end of the day at the beach, after a refreshing shower, it is essential to hydrate it with a quality after-sun cream.

Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and well-being with a delicate refreshing and rehydrating massage while mentally reliving the beautiful moments of the day just passed. The right rehydration will prepare the skin for the next day and will allow you to have a long lasting golden tan.


Protection ok, like sunbathing ok, taking care of the skin ok, but there is another fundamental element to prepare the skin for a TOP tan and this time it is not external factors that determine a great tan, but internal factors. We are talking about nutrition, in fact there are fruits and vegetables that can help you in the mission “Perfect tan”. Consume yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables and you will prepare yourself for a super bright and lasting tan. We talk about it here in the article “The perfect tan, what to eat


The magic word is beta carotene, it is a substance that you find in fruit and vegetables but it is not only in the well-known carrot, you can also find it in apricots, pumpkins, oranges and many other foods. So is it enough to eat the right foods to get the right amount? Unfortunately this is not the case as fruit and vegetables are grown with intensive methods that deplete the earth and the nutrients they should contain. For this reason, integrating is the only effective solution possible. A good quality supplement will help to take the correct amount of beta carotene to prepare the skin for a super top tan.

Mrs AdorableGolden tan: 5 tips for a gloden and radiant skin

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