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Safe tanning, even in spring

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The days have lengthened, the temperatures rise, nature begins to awaken and offers trees in bloom and greener and greener meadows. Everything makes you want to go out in the middle of nature, take a walk in the park with your dog, go back to doing outdoor activities enjoying the warmth of the first sun. The mild temperature and the well-being we feel, however, can be misleading and make us think that the spring sun is not as intense and dangerous as the summer one.

Nothing could be more wrong, the spring sun must be taken with the same precautions as the August sun.

Of course, the skin could suffer sunburn and erythema if exposed for longer than the mid-August heat, but the danger is still real and the spring sun is able to age and damage the skin in the same way.


Has it ever happened to you, in spring, to participate in a barbecue? A wonderful day with a beautiful blue sky, a pleasant temperature, the sun that warms up without bothering, even encouraging exposure, and then finding yourself at the end of the day with red skin from too much sun?

That’s right, in spring you get burned because the power of the sun’s rays is strong enough to cause damage. But at the same time, if we follow some tips, we can get a beautiful and luminous tan exactly like it happens in summer.

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In principle, the same rules apply as for the sun in summer, to avoid sunburn, erythema and discomfort it is essential to use a good sunscreen suitable for the skin phototype, in order to defend ourselves from harmful radiation and slow down skin aging, and avoid the discomfort of irritated skin that would ruin the next week adding stress to work and daily life.

In fact, the sun is the main cause of aging and skin problems, as the rays penetrate to the deepest layers, altering it and also causing aesthetic damage such as the early appearance of the hated wrinkles, especially in the areas most exposed to the sun such as the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

At the end of the day, it is essential to use an after-sun cream to hydrate and refresh the skin. It will help to enjoy the effects of the spring sun, feel more beautiful and leave energized for the week between family, home and work.

Mrs AdorableSafe tanning, even in spring

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