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Sport under the sun? 4 things to know to protect your skin

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We are outdoors, hair tied up, tank top, leggings, running shoes, we have just finished stretching, our favorite playlist in the headphones and we are ready for a run that gives well-being, clears the mind and free from the stress of the daily routine.

The sun in this period is not too hot, it is perfect for keeping the pace up.

Physical activity is the basis of a healthy life. Do you know that if you practice outdoor sports, your skin must be as ready as your muscles and breath?

Before running, stretching is highly recommended to prepare the body for the best, to protect us from tearing or muscle problems, but we often forget about the skin. When we run outdoors, on the cycle path or in the park, our body, especially the face, neck and shoulders, is exposed to the sun’s rays, unfortunately also to the harmful ones, present in large quantities even when the sun doesn’t seem so hot.

It is precisely in these situations that it is easy to get burned as the skin has not yet activated all the self-protection systems. But a few simple tips are enough, but few put into practice to enjoy the well-being of sport and the sun in complete safety.

1 Always use the sunscreen

It seems trivial but often those who practice sports at an amateur level forget about one fundamental thing: sun protection. It is essential to protect the skin even in spring.

If you missed the article, here it is:

Safe tanning even in spring

In addition to annoying burns, which leave unsightly redness on the shoulders, neck and face, the sun is the main cause of skin aging, and in the worst cases of even serious diseases. We recommend a medium-high degree of protection, 15 or 30 according to your phototype.

2 Hydration is good for your body and skin

Proper hydration is essential during physical activity to replenish the fluids lost during sweating, but drinking plenty of water is also very important for skin health. In fact, correct skin hydration is a symptom of healthy skin, on the contrary dry skin, which stretches, is a symptom of a situation of suffering.

Do you know when on vacation after a day under the sun you arrive at the end of the day? The skin needs to be hydrated, it needs care.

3 Hyaluronic acid

We are not talking about aesthetics, or rather hyaluronic acid is certainly an excellent ally for a smooth and smooth skin, in fact it fills the micro wrinkles giving a healthy and luminous appearance, but it is also super to help the sunscreen to maintain the hydrated and supple skin during sun exposure. A modern hyaluronic acid cream, incorporates in the composition 5 different molecular weights that penetrate and act in the different layers of the skin, working specifically for a surprising result.

4 After sun cream

Exactly, like at the sea, even after physical activity outdoors in the city or in the countryside, use the after-sun cream that hydrates and prepares the skin to the top for the next day. It will give you immediate freshness and hydration to the skin to continue the day or end the evening in style. The after-sun cream can become a pleasant ritual that gives, in addition to the benefits of hydration, a pleasant sensation of relaxation of tired muscles, thanks to the delicate massage needed to apply

We conclude with a quote that seems written specifically for this topic:

Sport makes love to the body, making it as beautiful as the sun every time.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Mrs AdorableSport under the sun? 4 things to know to protect your skin

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