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Sunscreen all year round, yes or no?

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Before answering we will reveal a secret! Do you know that sunscreen is the best anti-aging in existence? Yes, because not everyone knows that the sun is the main cause of skin aging, its rays penetrate the various layers of the skin, altering its functions, elasticity and causing the hated wrinkles. The sunscreen, in addition to filtering harmful sun rays, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, counteracting aging and maintaining a toned and radiant skin.

But back to the main question:

Sunscreen all year round, yes or no?

Some say that it should always be used and in any case others say that it is totally useless if we are not on vacation lying on the sunbed on the beach.

When to use sunscreen

Let’s face it immediately, sunscreen should always be used, spring, summer, autumn and winter, in the city, in the countryside, at the sea and especially in the mountains where due to the altitude the light filter due to the atmosphere decreases.

long-term sun damage is often severe and ranges from photoaging to skin problems.

You know, in the summer it is necessary to apply the cream several times during the day, if we are in the city it is necessary to pay close attention to the most exposed parts of the body such as ears, neck, décolleté and hands. At the sea it is good to apply the cream even after swimming, avoiding the hottest hours. In the mountains, it is even more important to protect yourself as the milder temperature is misleading and it is very easy to get burned after a high altitude hike, let’s talk about it here:

Sunscreens in the mountains, protection at high altitudes

Even in periods of the year that are not normally taken into consideration, it is necessary to protect the skin from direct and prolonged exposure, we are talking about winter, spring and autumn.

In all these seasons, usually not associated with sunbathing, the sun can cause short-term damage, sunburn, and long-term damage, premature aging.

Which creams to use?

First of all, it is important to rely on specific products, sun creams that bear the words UVA and UVB alongside the sun protection factor, selected based on your skin type and based on the activity we are going to do. For example, if we are going skiing with friends or family for the Christmas holidays, the ideal is to choose a high degree of protection, as well as if we were to participate in the first barbecue of the season. UVA and UVB rays are able to penetrate the clouds that do not reduce their intensity, hardly anyone notices, but that even a May day, perhaps with some clouds, can “give us” a burn worthy of a day at sea.

Always protect yourself for a healthy skin

In conclusion, it is necessary to pay attention to our skin, the more we take care of it, the more we protect it and the more it will give us a beautiful, fresh and young look at all ages.

Take good care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.

(Jim Rohn)
Mrs AdorableSunscreen all year round, yes or no?

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