May 2022

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

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Summer arrives anticipated by so much heat and sun. The Pursuit of the Perfect Tan might be the title of a movie, it’s actually what we women want during the summer.

Sunbathing has many beneficial effects on our body , it promotes the production of vitamin D, a panacea for bones and the immune system, as well as obviously giving us the much desired tan. However, it is good to be very careful when exposed to sunlight, as without adequate skin and body preparation, and without sunscreen, we can encounter very serious problems .

But it is not only with the absolutely fundamental protection that we avoid sunburn, erythema, skin aging and get a more beautiful and lasting tan, there is a simple and affordable way that greatly improves the effects of sun exposure: hydration!

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

(Loren Eiseley)

Our body is mostly made up of water. Infants have a water percentage of 75% of the total body mass, in adults it is about 65%. This is why good hydration is essential for our well-being . Follow me I’m about to explain how good hydration improves tan. I’m Mrs Adorable and I love giving you tips on wellness and tanning .


Imagine being on vacation, by the sea, by the lake or in the mountains and enjoying a splendid sunny day outdoors, what happens is that the body exposed to the sun reacts by activating the melanin and through a natural process colors the skin, creating a shield to protect her. But melanin alone is not enough, the natural protection mechanism does not filter UV rays , it is therefore necessary to help the action of melanin with a good sunscreen that has a protection factor suitable for our skin.

But there is another action you can do to improve your tan is to make your skin more beautiful, you can hydrate yourself . A hydrated skin increases protection, as the intake of liquids, especially during the summer, prevents dehydration of the tissues , the skin regenerates more easily by stimulating the activation of the natural protection of our body against the sun’s rays.


During the summer, due to the heat and the sun, our body increases the consumption of liquids , at the same time exposure to the sun often causes annoying burns that can make the holiday less pleasant. If you do not hydrate properly the outermost layers of the dermis dry out, losing their natural elasticity and the ability to retain water, dehydration results in less protection and a higher risk of sunburn. It is easy to understand the importance of good hydration, especially when you decide to sunbathe, and it is for this reason that it is very important to listen to your body, in fact, it is he who sends us so many signals to show you that it is necessary to integrate liquids. When there is a beautiful day, perhaps with a little wind, it is very easy to lose large quantities of liquids without noticing, but interpreting some signals promptly allows you to quickly run for cover . Slight dizziness, a feeling of thirst, fatigue and intestinal irregularities are eloquent alarm bells that indicate that we are in reserve of water.


Have you seen how important it is to hydrate properly? Do you know that we can act directly on the skin ? A good after-sun cream for example is excellent for maintaining the right degree of hydration of the skin and preparing it for the next day but there is a little secret that I am about to reveal to you and that almost no one knows, on the other hand I am Mrs Adorable!

Do you know that hyaluronic acid, which we all know for its aesthetic effects, is actually a friend of suntan ?

Hyaluronic acid holds liquids right where it is needed, in the different layers of the skin, plumping it and making it more hydrated, in this way we prepare it to receive the sun’s rays, improving resistance to sunburn.

There are cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid in 5 different molecular weights, in addition to acting in the different layers of the skin making it more beautiful, smooth, toned and luminous, they allow you to get a better tan .

What more could you ask for? From Mrs Adorable, good tan and good hydration.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tan, the importance of hydration
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Beta Carotene: what it is and how it helps tanning

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Want to be outdoors, feel the sun on your skin in the garden, at the lake, at the sea or during a walk in the mountains, finally enjoy moments of relaxation with more lightness and desire for a tan.

Tanning, relaxation and well-being the perfect mix for mood and health , you must know that the sun has many positive effects on our body, stimulates the production of vitamin D, giving you a more effective immune system, stronger bones and will also allow to look more beautiful, brighter and more sunny with a screaming tan.

And this is where beta carotene comes in.


Beta carotene is a plant pigment that can be taken by our body through nutrition or supplementation . It is part of the carotenoid group and has two particular characteristics: the bright color (yellow, orange and red) and the fact that it is a precursor of vitamin A.

Vitamin A, also called retinol, is not present in plants but they are rich in beta carotene, once taken the carotenoids are transformed into vitamin A which is stored in the liver, and released over time according to the needs of the body and used for keeping the skin and mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat healthy also helps strengthen the immune system .


Beta carotene has important antioxidant properties capable of counteracting the formation of free radicals, harmful to the cell structure, with long-term harmful effects on skin structures. In addition, beta carotene naturally colors the skin giving it a darker and more golden appearance , effectively reducing sensitivity during sun exposure. But be careful, this substance is not able to filter ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin , it is always important to use a sunscreen with a filter suitable for your skin type.


Beta carotene is contained in many orange, yellow, red and some green leafy vegetables . Carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, peaches, pumpkin, spinach, chard, cabbage, parsley and rocket are just a few, to discover them all read the article I wrote some time ago

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

To ensure adequate intake, you can also use high quality beta carotene supplements.

In conclusion, a good tan, which will be even more beautiful, luminous and lasting thanks to beta carotene.

Your Mrs Adorable.

In spiaggia mi metto al sole e mi asciugo. Il sole scrive sulla mia pelle ciò che è già scritto in qualche mio sogno lontano.

At the beach I lay in the sun and dry off. The sun writes on my skin what is already written in some distant dream of mine.

(Fabrizio Caramagna) (translated)
Mrs AdorableBeta Carotene: what it is and how it helps tanning
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Improve your tan with supplements

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Tan is beatiful isn’t it, it is synonymous with relaxation, warmth, summer and joy , tanning makes us more beautiful and improves our mood, it will be for these and many other reasons that we work hard to get it bright and golden. What if there was a totally natural help to make it even more beautiful?

I’m Mrs Adorable and i love giving advice on wellness, sun and tun.

The help is there and it is absolutely natural, as you may have guessed from the title I’m talking about integration . Attention any “pro tanning” supplement does not replace sunscreen, the supplements do not have filters that can shield UV rays.


In addition to the very famous beta carotene , there are many other supplements that can be of great help both to tanning and to the skin in general . All antioxidants, for example, are excellent for counteracting free radicals, skin aging and therefore have the effect of improving the skin and consequently the tan.

Coenzyme Q10 hinders the formation of wrinkles and is also useful for preventing sunburn.
The beta carotene contained in many foods, I talk about it here

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

it has the property of coloring the skin, settles and makes it darker and more golden, giving a unique color that, combined with the natural tan of the sun, produces a unique effect giving us a screaming tan. As you can see, the combined use of supplements and sun protection allows you to significantly improve your tan and at the same time enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun .


Tanning supplements and sunscreens are excellent allies to get all the benefits of sun exposure .

You know that a correct use of integration and protection improves the color of the tan, increases its intensity, duration and counteracts annoying irritation and skin aging.

The supplements for tanning must be taken a few months before sun exposure , and it is essential to continue throughout the period of exposure to the sun. For the modalities it is good to rely on the specific indications of the supplement, but generally they should be taken with a lot of water.


Supplementation does not replace nutrition , and it is therefore advisable to have a healthy diet and to combine a diet rich in products containing substances useful for sunbathing such as carrots, melon, apricots and tomatoes.

Hydration is also essential, both to take supplements correctly and as a good habit for a healthy body and hydrated skin.

In conclusion, to answer a question they often ask me:

 “Do tanning supplements work?

I answer:


I can tell you with certainty that you will have less sunburn, less rashes and certainly a more golden and even tan, as well as a healthy and protected skin.

Trying is believing. By Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableImprove your tan with supplements
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How to get a quick tan

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Fast and perfect tanning, the dream of many, a goal at first sight unattainable that in reality it is possible to achieve with small tricks.

How do you get the perfect tan quickly? There are many actions you can do, from the right foods to body care and mistakes to avoid: here are all the tips for getting a perfect tan!


The first step to consider is the preparation of the skin for the summer season.

Very often we just spread the sunscreen under the beach umbrella, it is not just a mistake, but it is a behavior that generates a series of problems, such as sunburn and erythema.

Gentle scrubs, skin hydration using hyaluronic acid creams and the use of sunscreen, already from spring exposure, prepare the skin to face the strong sun of summer holidays with maximum effectiveness and protection.

However, the skin must be treated both externally and internally, nourishing it with dedicated supplements based on antioxidants and beta carotene, starting to take them 3 or 4 months before the holidays. During the same period, you prefer a healthy diet.

1.1 Whe are what we eat

Ludwig Feuerbach

A healthy diet prepares our body for the best, allowing you to tan well and quickly. Hydration, like nutrients, is very important and must take place both on the skin, with moisturizers and hyaluronic acid-based creams, and entirely by taking the right amount of water daily.

2. What to eat for a quick tan

Nutrition and tanning go hand in hand, but what are the right foods? Ok, you know very well that fruit and vegetables must not be missing, but there are other foods that are pro suntan, didn’t you know that? Well I’m Mrs Adorable, I’m here to tell you!

I also point you out an article in wich i talk about it:

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

In addition to beta carotene, it is very useful to take foods containing Omega 3 such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, oil and flax seeds, chia seeds, avocados, algae, small fish and caught fish. Omega 3 make the skin more elastic and compact, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and promote the formation of melanin, the substance responsible for tanning.

3. Perfect tan and fair skin

Even those with fair skin can get an excellent tan but it will take much more time and a more gradual exposure, always accompanied by sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Avoiding the hottest hours with fair skin is even more important to avoid sunburn and rashes.

In addition to the high protection and the after sun cream, if you have fair skin follow all the advice on supplements and nutrition that remain the same dedicated to those with a darker complexion.

4. Some tips to prolong the tan

Nutrition, supplements, months of preparation, we can finally show off a screaming tan but now a new problem arises: how to avoid losing it in a short time?

With a few small and simple tricks it is possible to prolong our tan.

I recommend maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Showering is preferable to taking a bath, using delicate and moisturizing products, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel and finally use a moisturizer.

As far as possible, avoid air conditioning and prolonged swimming in the pool, chlorine is a sworn enemy of tanning.

Pay attention to the preparation and maintenance and you will have a more beautiful and lasting tan, according to Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHow to get a quick tan
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Perfect tan, when to start and how to do it

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It is time to think about holidays, many may have already booked, others have yet to think about it, who will choose beach holidays in Italy and, finally, who abroad.

There are those who plan and pack their bags weeks in advance and there are those who throw in everything they need at the last minute and go. No matter you are super organized or more impulsive, there is one thing that always applies, and it is the preparation of our body for the perfect tan, to fully enjoy the benefits of the sun without sunburn, rashes and blemishes that would make the summer much less special.

Body preparation is essential, and I thought I’d give you some tips to get the perfect tan. Often, once you arrive at the resort, the only “pro tanning” operation is to spread the cream under the umbrella, and very often the protection is bought at the newsstand found before arriving at the beach.

But if we really want to aim for the TOP tan we have to prepare ourselves months in advance. Tanning is the consequence of a well-prepared body and skin ready to welcome all the benefits of the sun.


To be at the top, our body needs the nutrients assimilated at the right times, some of these implement physical processes capable of increasing the protection of the skin in the sun. The best time to prepare the skin is spring, dedicating the right care to it will give us brightness and tone in the summer. There are several supplements that can help our skin but those with beta carotene are the best for aiming for a super tan. I mark an article where I tell you about it:

Beta carotene: an allay for skin protection in summer

Beta carotene is essentially an excellent antioxidant, it fights free radicals and gives the skin a dark and golden color, but it needs time to “work”, the advice is to take it at least 3/4 months before the holiday .

Beta carotene is also present in many types of fruit and vegetables that should be taken all year round to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In the article in our magazine, I will reveal which foods are most present in:

What are the foods rich in beta carotene?

It will surprise you to know that the carrots is just one of the many vegetables that contain it.


Light skin, olive skin or already tanned skin make no difference, when we sunbathe we must protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays which cause real disasters in the deeper layers of the skin, causing blemishes and skin aging up to degenerate into even serious diseases .

Even sunscreen, to be effective, needs its time, it must not be spread on the bed but a few hours before, for example we recommend spreading the cream before having breakfast, in this way the protection is absorbed correctly.

The application of the protection must be repeated throughout the day, to restore the protective veil and always keep it at maximum effectiveness.


The temptation when we are at the beach is to sunbathe as much as possible, but I’m Mrs Adorable and I have to give you the right advice! Avoid exposing yourself from 11 to 15 because in these hours the sun’s rays are very strong and the solar radiation really intense.

If the skin is excessively stressed by the action of the sun, unsightly sun spots may appear, as well as accelerating skin aging.
By following these simple tips you will notice a marked improvement in your tan, it will not only be more intense and golden but it will last much longer once you have returned from vacation. Word of Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tan, when to start and how to do it
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The most beatifull Italian beaches for 2022

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The days get longer, summer is behind the doors and the desire for the sea rises. Which are the most beautiful beaches in Italy for the holidays?

Italy is beautiful and our sea has beaches that do not fear comparison with the Caribbean, Maldives and dream countries, I have selected a few, knowing that we have so many and so wonderful do not be angry if I have forgotten the one you have visited and it is become your favorite beach.

Here is the selection of the most beautiful beaches in Italy by Mrs Adorable for you:

Bay of the Saracens, Liguria

Just outside Varigotti, past the tunnel, on your right there is a wonder for the eyes and the heart, the Bay of the Saracens, a small inlet that takes its name from the raids of Saracen pirates.

The beach is free and you have to arrive early in the morning to be able to find parking, alternatively you can park in Varigotti and reach the bay with a short walk. The beach is sandy but the seabed turns into a sort of rock that hosts many fish in the ravines, the ideal situation for a colorful swim and snorkeling.

If you want to spend a holiday, a romantic weekend or a trip out of town with husband and children in a crystalline sea and a beach enclosed between sea and mountains, you will not be disappointed by the Bay of the Saracens.

Cala Violina, Tuscany

Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma, immersed in the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve, will leave you speechless, as long as you consider a short walk of a couple of km in unspoiled nature.

Clear sand and a crystalline sea, however, have another limitation that makes it even more exclusive, to grab a place in the sun, where to take a breathtaking tan in front of a dream sea, it is necessary to book, access is in fact limited to 700 people a day.

If you love unspoiled nature, if you like a bit of adventure, Cala Violina is the ideal place to spend memorable days at the beach.

Varigotti beach, Liguria

The beach of Varigotti, a piece of paradise in Liguria, can only sparkle the eyes when I tell about Varigotti, a fine gravel beach that runs along the old fishing village and continues to the end of the town.

The colorful houses that stand out on the beach and the crystalline sea make you savor incredible atmospheres while the sea, which competes with the sky to win over who is more blue, offers an indescribable spectacle for the eyes.

Do you want to eat excellent fish by the sea? You can’t miss the Varigotti beach.

Cala coticcio beach, Sardinia

They call it the Tahiti of Sardinia, a natural pool with fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a seabed full of fish and lush flora, a paradise to be seen above and below the water.

Have you ever gone to Polynesia? Here is Italian Polynesia, if you visit it it will become your favorite beach. So beautiful that it is protected, it is in fact located within a natural park and to be visited you need to book a tour with a limited number of participants.

Is it worth all this effort and these “complications” to visit it? ABSOLUTELY YES word of Mrs Adorable.

Cala Rossa, Sicily

A dream beach in our beautiful Sicily, Cala Rossa in Favignana is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, preferred by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Natural scenery, a sea with a thousand colors and Sicily, with its immense charm

To reach the island of Favignana you need to embark, and you can travel far and wide by bicycle, motorbike or even by car. Cala Rossa is located about 4 km from the center. The last stretch is steep and rocky, so if you don’t like adventure the alternative is to reach the beach from the sea.

What can I say, a dream beach in a region that during the summer dazzles with its splendor, both of the sea and of its hinterland and its culture.

Rabbit beach, Lampedusa

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, if you are lucky enough to see the spectacle of the Rabbit Beach, you cannot help but be amazed, fine white sand, crystal clear water, a blue sky and unspoiled nature make it a true miracle of nature!

It is a destination not to be missed, and if I can give you some advice, avoid the busiest periods. If you are lucky enough to have vacation at the end of September you will find an even more magical place, without the crowds that distinguish it in July and August.

La Pelosa beach, Sardegna

A tropical paradise in the Mediterranean, an oasis of blinding beauty, compliments abound, the fact remains undisputed that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in the Gulf of Asinara.

White and very fine, soft sand, water that gives Caribbean colors, blue, turquoise, light blue, emerald green, a unique transparency, a paradise for the eyes and for the sensations that water and sand give to the body. The natural barrier ensures that the water is clear and very low, perfect for traveling with family and children.

A part of the beach is free and a part equipped to meet the tastes of those who prefer the more adventurous sea life and those who want all the comforts.

Sirolo beaches, Marche

The beaches of Sirolo enjoy a lot of fame, the Due Sorelle Beach and that of Numana are perhaps the most famous, but the whole Conero Riviera is able to offer breathtaking views. They are all relatively easy to reach and offer both a free beach and an equipped beach.

If you love nature and feel a little like an Adventure Woman, I recommend that you explore the various beaches on foot, vegetation and woods frame a blue and crystalline sea, bright, intense colors that immediately give a sense of peace and relaxation.

Sansone beach, Isola d’Elba

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Elba Island, the spectacle that will present itself to your eyes will make you forget the fatigue of the 15-minute walk required to reach it.
A crystalline sea, which fade from white to turquoise blue, a beach of almost blinding white pebbles make this destination unmissable.

If you love wild nature this is the right beach for you.

Tropea beaches, Calabria

Tropea, a jewel of our beloved Italy, incredible beaches with the sea that fades from turquoise to intense blue. Extraordinary views that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Tropea is a unique village, to be discovered and visited, narrow streets and squares often open onto glimpses where you can admire breathtaking views. The beaches of Tropea can be reached through roads and stairways that start from the upper part of the town and descend towards the sea. An enchanting and unique place in the world.

These are the beaches I have chosen for you, but if you know any and have visited others let me know in the comments! Have a nice beach holiday from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableThe most beatifull Italian beaches for 2022
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Beta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer

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Summer is coming, and with it the desire for the sun and being outdoors, to feel the warmth on the skin, in short, a desire for energy, well-being and relaxation.

The kiss had the taste of summer

Tasted like open air.

Of skin warmed by sun.

(Georges Simenon)

LSummer is the sun, it is tanning but it is also the concrete and real risk of causing damage to our skin, to limit the risk we have a formidable ally: BETA CAROTENE.

I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary big words and scientific terms that you can find everywhere on the net, and I won’t tell you about carotenoids or other terms that look like alien peoples, I’m Mrs Adorable and so I’ll get you straight to the point.
Beta carotene is great for our body but I will tell you this later, if you are here it is because you are interested in the sun, holidays and skin health, as well as obviously having the best tan on the planet.

I have to give you three small disappointments right away but let’s not despair:

  • Beta carotene does not involve melanin and therefore is not directly responsible for tanning
  • Beta carotene does not prevent sunburn
  • Beta carotene does not filter the UV rays responsible for photoaging of the skin and serious diseases

But I wrote a title that seems to enhance the qualities of beta carotene and then here are three statements that say exactly the opposite! In reality it is not quite so, or rather it is but it is not so, ok let’s continue to eliminate any doubts.


Let’s start with the first statement, which is absolutely true, but when beta carotene is taken through food or supplementation, it is deposited in the skin, giving it a darker and more golden color. The sun and beta carotene combo therefore makes the skin stand out and shine with a breathtaking tan.


It is true, beta carotene does not prevent sunburn, but it gives the skin an appearance similar to that of a tan and actually reduces its sensitivity. I said that it reduces sensitivity but it does not make us Wonder Woman’s alter egos, so it is essential to always protect your skin with a good sunscreen.


Beta carotene cannot replace a good sunscreen that contains filters to shield the UV rays responsible for aging, but it is an excellent antioxidant as it counteracts the onset of free radicals and oxidative stress. It is also an important ally of sight that allows you to improve it, and is finally a panacea for strengthening the immune system.


As you can see, beta carotene for us women (actually also for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, children) is very important and you can find it in different foods such as carrots, but also peppers, tomatoes, apricots, melon, broccoli and many other vegetables they are really rich, I’ll tell you about it here:

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

If you are unable to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables every day, it is very useful, if not essential, to rely on excellent supplements, avoiding those from the supermarket and paying attention to the percentages of the active ingredient. Generally, those found on supermarket shelves are products that focus more on quantity than quality. Relying instead on specialized companies that can guarantee high quality standards is certainly the right way to bring well-being to our body.

You will already have guessed that beta carotene is important all year round but especially in summer, my advice is to take it regularly, starting immediately, in this way you will prepare your skin and body for summer.

Summer: the hairs are lighter.

The skin is more darker.

The water is more warm.

The drinks are more cold.

The music is louder.

The night become longer.

The life become better.


Mrs AdorableBeta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer
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