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Beta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer

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Summer is coming, and with it the desire for the sun and being outdoors, to feel the warmth on the skin, in short, a desire for energy, well-being and relaxation.

The kiss had the taste of summer

Tasted like open air.

Of skin warmed by sun.

(Georges Simenon)

LSummer is the sun, it is tanning but it is also the concrete and real risk of causing damage to our skin, to limit the risk we have a formidable ally: BETA CAROTENE.

I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary big words and scientific terms that you can find everywhere on the net, and I won’t tell you about carotenoids or other terms that look like alien peoples, I’m Mrs Adorable and so I’ll get you straight to the point.
Beta carotene is great for our body but I will tell you this later, if you are here it is because you are interested in the sun, holidays and skin health, as well as obviously having the best tan on the planet.

I have to give you three small disappointments right away but let’s not despair:

  • Beta carotene does not involve melanin and therefore is not directly responsible for tanning
  • Beta carotene does not prevent sunburn
  • Beta carotene does not filter the UV rays responsible for photoaging of the skin and serious diseases

But I wrote a title that seems to enhance the qualities of beta carotene and then here are three statements that say exactly the opposite! In reality it is not quite so, or rather it is but it is not so, ok let’s continue to eliminate any doubts.


Let’s start with the first statement, which is absolutely true, but when beta carotene is taken through food or supplementation, it is deposited in the skin, giving it a darker and more golden color. The sun and beta carotene combo therefore makes the skin stand out and shine with a breathtaking tan.


It is true, beta carotene does not prevent sunburn, but it gives the skin an appearance similar to that of a tan and actually reduces its sensitivity. I said that it reduces sensitivity but it does not make us Wonder Woman’s alter egos, so it is essential to always protect your skin with a good sunscreen.


Beta carotene cannot replace a good sunscreen that contains filters to shield the UV rays responsible for aging, but it is an excellent antioxidant as it counteracts the onset of free radicals and oxidative stress. It is also an important ally of sight that allows you to improve it, and is finally a panacea for strengthening the immune system.


As you can see, beta carotene for us women (actually also for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, children) is very important and you can find it in different foods such as carrots, but also peppers, tomatoes, apricots, melon, broccoli and many other vegetables they are really rich, I’ll tell you about it here:

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

If you are unable to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables every day, it is very useful, if not essential, to rely on excellent supplements, avoiding those from the supermarket and paying attention to the percentages of the active ingredient. Generally, those found on supermarket shelves are products that focus more on quantity than quality. Relying instead on specialized companies that can guarantee high quality standards is certainly the right way to bring well-being to our body.

You will already have guessed that beta carotene is important all year round but especially in summer, my advice is to take it regularly, starting immediately, in this way you will prepare your skin and body for summer.

Summer: the hairs are lighter.

The skin is more darker.

The water is more warm.

The drinks are more cold.

The music is louder.

The night become longer.

The life become better.


Mrs AdorableBeta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer

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