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Perfect tan, when to start and how to do it

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It is time to think about holidays, many may have already booked, others have yet to think about it, who will choose beach holidays in Italy and, finally, who abroad.

There are those who plan and pack their bags weeks in advance and there are those who throw in everything they need at the last minute and go. No matter you are super organized or more impulsive, there is one thing that always applies, and it is the preparation of our body for the perfect tan, to fully enjoy the benefits of the sun without sunburn, rashes and blemishes that would make the summer much less special.

Body preparation is essential, and I thought I’d give you some tips to get the perfect tan. Often, once you arrive at the resort, the only “pro tanning” operation is to spread the cream under the umbrella, and very often the protection is bought at the newsstand found before arriving at the beach.

But if we really want to aim for the TOP tan we have to prepare ourselves months in advance. Tanning is the consequence of a well-prepared body and skin ready to welcome all the benefits of the sun.


To be at the top, our body needs the nutrients assimilated at the right times, some of these implement physical processes capable of increasing the protection of the skin in the sun. The best time to prepare the skin is spring, dedicating the right care to it will give us brightness and tone in the summer. There are several supplements that can help our skin but those with beta carotene are the best for aiming for a super tan. I mark an article where I tell you about it:

Beta carotene: an allay for skin protection in summer

Beta carotene is essentially an excellent antioxidant, it fights free radicals and gives the skin a dark and golden color, but it needs time to “work”, the advice is to take it at least 3/4 months before the holiday .

Beta carotene is also present in many types of fruit and vegetables that should be taken all year round to contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In the article in our magazine, I will reveal which foods are most present in:

What are the foods rich in beta carotene?

It will surprise you to know that the carrots is just one of the many vegetables that contain it.


Light skin, olive skin or already tanned skin make no difference, when we sunbathe we must protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays which cause real disasters in the deeper layers of the skin, causing blemishes and skin aging up to degenerate into even serious diseases .

Even sunscreen, to be effective, needs its time, it must not be spread on the bed but a few hours before, for example we recommend spreading the cream before having breakfast, in this way the protection is absorbed correctly.

The application of the protection must be repeated throughout the day, to restore the protective veil and always keep it at maximum effectiveness.


The temptation when we are at the beach is to sunbathe as much as possible, but I’m Mrs Adorable and I have to give you the right advice! Avoid exposing yourself from 11 to 15 because in these hours the sun’s rays are very strong and the solar radiation really intense.

If the skin is excessively stressed by the action of the sun, unsightly sun spots may appear, as well as accelerating skin aging.
By following these simple tips you will notice a marked improvement in your tan, it will not only be more intense and golden but it will last much longer once you have returned from vacation. Word of Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tan, when to start and how to do it

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