Beta Carotene: what it is and how it helps tanning

Wanting to be outdoors, feeling the sun on your skin in the garden, at the lake, at the beach or during a walk in the mountains, finally enjoying relaxing moments with more lightness and desire for a tan, but what does beta carotene have to do with it? Let’s find out together!

Tanning, relaxation and wellness the perfect mix for mood and health, you have to know in fact that the sun has so many positive effects on our body, it stimulates the production of vitamin D, giving you a more effective immune system, stronger bones and also will allow you to look more beautiful, bright and sunny with a killer tan.

And that’s where beta carotene comes in.


Beta carotene is a plant pigment that can be taken up by our bodies through diet or supplementation. It is part of the carotenoid group and has two special characteristics: its bright color (yellow, orange and red) and the fact that it is a precursor to vitamin A.

Vitamin A, called retinol, is not present in vegetables, which are, however, rich in beta carotene.Once taken in, carotenoids are converted into vitamin A, which is stored in the liver, and released over time according to the body’s needs and used to maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat, also helps strengthen the immune system.


Beta carotene has important antioxidant properties that can counteract the formation of free radicals, which are damaging to cell structure and have long-term harmful effects on skin structures. In addition, beta carotene naturally colors the skin giving it a darker, golden appearance, actually reducing sensitivity during sun exposure. Be careful, however, this substance cannot filter out skin-damaging ultraviolet rays; it is always important to use a sunscreen with a filter appropriate for your skin type.


Beta carotene is found in many orange, yellow, red, and some green leafy vegetables. Carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, peaches, squash, spinach, chard, kale, parsley, and arugula are just a few, to find out about them all read the article I wrote some time ago

What foods are rich in beta carotene?

Excellent quality beta carotene supplements can also be used to ensure adequate intake.

In conclusion good tan, which will be even more beautiful, glowing and long-lasting thanks to beta carotene.

Your Mrs. Adorable.

At the beach I lay in the sun and dry off. The sun writes on my skin what is already written in some distant dream of mine.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

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