5 tips for a perfect tan

This is it, summer, the sun, and vacations are approaching and with them the desire for a tan. How much do you want a natural, bright, even tan that lasts a long time? So much I imagine, with my advice you will see that the tan will be so beautiful and perfect that it will create a hint of envy in all your friends.

I start by scolding you if you lay out in the sun without protection with the belief that you will tan faster, if you use a famous baby oil to intensify the effect of the sun, or if you lay out lizard patterns in the hottest hours. I scold you not only because those are not the right ways to get a super tan, but mainly because sunbathing with those wrong habits increases the risk of serious diseases and the skin ages quickly, leaving obvious marks even at a young age.

Instead, if you’d like, I want to give you some simple but valuable tips to achieve a deep, golden and, above all, healthy tan. Let’s begin:

1. Prepares the skin for the sun

Get off to a good, early start to find yourself ahead of the game-if your goal is a deep, golden tan, perhaps without sunburn and erythema to ruin your vacation, you need to take care of your skin before you get to the beach and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation.

How to do it?

Start now to take care of your skin and prepare it for the sun, keep it hydrated and clean by relying on a spa for an exfoliating scrub, make sunscreen with an appropriate protection factor for your skin part of your beauty routine, start with small sun exposures to stimulate melanin production, and finally supplement your diet by eating tan-friendly foods, I talked about this in an article, if you missed it here:

What foods are rich in beta carotene?

In addition to the skin, it is necessary to hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water; hydration is one of the key factors for a glowing, healthy and long-lasting tan.

Perfect tan, prepare your skin for the sun

2. Choose the right protection for your skin

Choosing the correct sunscreen is relatively simple; light skin needs high protection factors such as SPF 30, darker skin needs lower protection such as SPF 6. Even with already tanned skin, the advice is never to go below the minimum protection factor. In fact, thanks to the filters in the cream, a real barrier is created against the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA radiation, which actually protects the skin and keeps it healthy when exposed to the sun.
Reactivates protection during the day
By now I think you must be tired of hearing me say it but I can’t help it, it’s the main rule: under the sun you have to protect yourself! For the protection to be effective you have to spread the cream all over your body, literally from head to toe, but not only that, application should be repeated several times a day because due to water, perspiration, and rubbing against the wipe, the protection tends to diminish until it disappears.

3. Some sunshine and at the best times

The third piece of advice I would give is to expose yourself to the sun gradually-if you have the chance, start before your beach vacation-that way your skin will have time to produce melanin, reducing the risk of erythema and sunburn. If you activate “lizard mode” when you arrive at the beach, remember that the middle hours, in addition to being the hottest, are the hours where the sun’s radiation is most intense and the risk of sunburn, erythema and skin damage is highest. Take breaks and relax under the umbrella, I’ll let you in on a secret, you even get a tan in the shade! And finally to give your skin a break treat yourself to some refreshing showers from time to time.

4. Have a diet rich in tanning foods

Our well-being depends on our diet and the nutrients we take in; a balanced diet will not only make you feel good but will also make your skin look better by preparing it for a tan. There are foods that can naturally color your skin, increase your tolerance to sunlight and give you lots of energy.
Fruits and vegetables give you everything you need for a perfect tan; carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots, and cherries are just a few of the key players I have covered in a blog article and an Instagram profile post. (If you haven’t yet, follow me @adorablebeautyofficial)

Perfect tan with watermelon

5. Moisturize the skin with after-sun

Hydration is as important a mantra as protection; it is essential to moisturize the body and skin year-round, but it becomes crucial in the summertime when we want to achieve the perfect tan. It is also important to moisturize the skin at the end of a day at the beach, lake or mountain. How? Simple, with a good after-sun moisturizer, it will not only give you a wonderful feeling of freshness and relief, but it will also better prepare your skin for the next sunny day, helping to make your tan memorable. I talked about it here:

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

Have a good summer, happy vacations and good perfect, healthy, memorable unique tan! Your Mrs. Adorable.

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