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Healthy tan, protecting yourself is very important

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The sun is good for you but at the same time it causes serious damage to our skin . These are two certainties, but it is possible to enjoy the benefits by protecting our skin . I have known women who have never used sunscreen because, according to their opinion, the tan would be less intense, I have known women who sprinkled themselves with a very famous baby oil to increase the tanning effect by exposing themselves to incredible risks in the short and long term, I have known women who use beer and fortunately I have known others who have understood the importance of protection, both for an aesthetic factor and for a skin health factor.

Sunbathing does not allow for popular beliefs or improvised solutions.

Sun exposure must take place in a protected way, this is the only and solid base from which to start.

The practices described at the beginning, if repeated for years, can cause irreversible damage even on the most beautiful skin , but immediately expose you to the risk of sunburn, erythema, produce an ineffective and short-lasting tan.

It is photo-aging, a destructive phenomenon that irremediably and prematurely ages the skin and considerably increases the risk of developing serious diseases.

Tips for a healthy tan

First exhibitions

my advice is to start exposing yourself to the sun before reaching the sea, to better control the exposure time which must not exceed three quarters of an hour a day , and can be progressively increased.

Exhibitions hours

It seems like a trivial advice, but often we do not give too much weight to this wrong behavior, exposing yourself during the hottest hours significantly facilitates burns and rashes , so it is better to avoid the hours between 12 and 16, especially during the first exposures. in the sun.


To avoid sunburn and maintain healthy skin, sunscreen should always be applied, repeating the application several times a day , especially after a refreshing dip. With normal skin perspiration, the sun protection tends to decrease, and it is necessary to apply the cream again after a few hours. During the bath it is the water that removes the protective veil, while when we go back under the umbrella and dry the contact with the towel eliminates any residue, It’s easy to see how forgetting to reapply sunscreen is a very serious mistake in this case

The correct protection

Each skin requires ad hoc protection. Lighter skins need high protection factors , even with spf 30, while naturally darker skins can progressively go down to spf 6 factors. 

The popular belief that high protection factors reduce tanning intensity is false. SPF 30 protection factors mean that it takes longer to reach the same intensity of tan, but with the enormous advantage of being able to count on a healthier and longer lasting tan.

Hair and hats

Even our beloved hair suffer from wild exposure to sunlight , it is always good to protect them with hats and use specific supplements to strengthen them.

Dry off

It seems trivial but lying in the sun without drying yourself after a dip favors sunburn. The effect of the droplets on our body amplifies the power of the sun’s rays and inhibits the protective factors of the creams.


Dehydration is the greatest danger, which negatively affects tanning and the natural protective mechanisms of the skin. I talked about it in this article

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

The benefits of the sun

Let’s start from an assumption, the sun is life, if the sun were to go out there would be no form of life on Earth, the sun also has many beneficial effects on our body:

  • Improve your mood
  • It’s good for the bone system
  • Improve the physique
  • Relax your muscles
  • Speeds up the healing of contractures

How to maintain a tan

I’ll tell you a secret, to have a screaming tan and maintain it over time we must rely on water, it is a fundamental element that guarantees the hydration of the body and skin but also intervenes on the tan as an external element . Drinking a lot of water guarantees the hydration of our body, and preferring the shower to the bathroom means that the tan lasts longer, in fact the prolonged contact with the skin tends to flake it causing the loss of the color gained with so much effort and commitment . The final touch to guarantee a lasting tan is the use of the after sun cream that will give the skin the right hydration, preparing it for the next day.

The risks of the sun

The sun is synonymous with summer, holidays, relaxation, warm and pleasant but if taken lightly it can prove to be an enemy of the skin and health. Unprotected exposure can cause:

  • Sunburn
  • Premature aging of the skin
  • Damage to sight
  • Appareance of serius diseases
  • Weakenin of the hair

Solar radiation causes the proliferation of free radicals which have the ability to damage cellular functions causing loss of elasticity, wrinkles and diseases.

That’s why it’s essential to always use sunscreen and tan with awareness.

Good healthy tan from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHealthy tan, protecting yourself is very important

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