Perfect tan with the right protection

Summer!!! All ready to bask in the sun and sport the most beautiful, golden and glowing tan ever?

I have been saying, telling and writing this for a long time: YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF!

Sorry to capitalize, but I’m Mrs. Adorable and my job is to give you the best advice for your healthy and safe beauty.

Tanning pleases everyone, makes us more beautiful, minimizes skin imperfections, makes our skin more even and makes us feel more attractive. It is necessary, however, to expose yourself to the sun with the knowledge that radiation can be very harmful if you do not pay attention to some small but basic rules for a healthy golden tan.

What happens when you expose yourself too long and without protection? At best comes an annoying sunburn, at worst erythema and skin inflammation can compromise much of the vacation.

Why ruin days of well-deserved relaxation when with the right protection we can instead enjoy the sea, the mountains, or afternoons at the pool?

Phototype, this unknown

Every skin has a different way of reacting to the sun; lighter skins tend to be more sensitive and delicate, while darker or tanned skins tolerate sun exposure better. You may have happened to compare yourself with friends and find that there are those who tan without particular problems but there is always the friend who does not go through summer without getting burned. It all depends on good rules for sun exposure but also on the phototype.

Phototype is used to classify skin and indicates the quantity and quality of melanin that characterizes our color. This classification determines the degree of skin sensitivity to sun exposure. But let’s look together at the different grades and protections that I feel like recommending:


Blond or red hair with very fair skin, my advice is very high protection (SPF 50+);


Blond or brown hair with fair skin, my advice is very high to high protection (SPF 50);


Dark blond hair with sensitive skin, I recommend medium-high protection (SPF 50 – SPF 30 on already tanned skin);


Brown hair with moderately sensitive skin, I recommend medium protection (SPF 30) with the caution to start sun exposure gradually in the first few days;


Black or dark brown hair and olive complexion, in which case the advice is low protection (SPF 15)


Very dark or black hair and non-sensitive skin for which low protection (SPF 6) is more than sufficient

I also recommend that you apply the protection several times during the day, roughly every two hours and after every bath or shower, so that the maximum effectiveness of the filters is restored.

I often say that:

Prevention is better than cure!

Sunscreen not only protects against immediate sun damage but also prevents skin aging, I discussed in this article:

Sunscreen the best anti-aging, did you know?

And in this:

Healthy tan, protecting yourself is most important

What if I got burned?

I always say it, prevention is the best solution, but despite all the care it can happen, especially for lighter skin, to run into a sunburn, what to do? Here are some simple tips:

  1. Following a sunburn, avoid sun exposure as much as possible, even during a walk; to do so, cover yourself with long, cool, lightweight clothes made of natural fabrics. Avoid jeans or tight-fitting clothes.
  2. Prefer a cool shower the bath and gently dry your skin with a soft towel trying to dab and not rub.
  3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and help your skin in the healing process.

After-sun cream

But a perfect tan comes through more than just protection, the better you take care of your skin, the better your tan will be! I recommend that you apply after-sun cream at the end of each day, besides being a pleasant pampering it will help your skin to moisturize, make it softer and ready to face the next day of vacation at the top.

Good, healthy and intense tan from Mrs Adorable.

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