After-sun cream what is the best?

A super tan comes not only from sunscreen, which is essential as I always repeat, but becomes even more beautiful and long-lasting with after-sun cream. With this great little trick you will give so much relief to your skin that it will thank you with a killer tan.

After-sun cream is a must-have product in your vacation kit; it is the secret to a never-before-seen tan, thanks to the benefits it brings to your skin.

I’m Mrs. Adorable and I want to give you some simple tips for getting the most out of after-sun cream.

Adorable Beauty after-sun cream legs

How should it be?

A good after-sun cream must have quality and natural ingredients in order to optimize the beneficial effects and provide relief to the skin, it should have a good texture that is not too liquid and allows the skin to absorb quickly, be scented but not too much so as not to leave lingering scents that mask the skin’s natural odor and interfere with deodorants or perfumes, and finally, the best format is the dispenser that allows precise dispensing of the desired amount to avoiding waste.

How should it be used?

After-sun cream should be applied generously with a circular massage to the face and body immediately after sun exposure. A good after-sun cream is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feel. At the end of the day at the beach or in the mountains, and after a rejuvenating shower, the application of after-sun cream becomes a pleasant routine, relaxing and refreshing our bodies, preparing them for the evening and the next day of vacation.

Adorable Beauty After-Sun Sunburn Cream

What benefits does it bring?

Its composition brings freshness and soothes redness, keeps skin soft, prevents cracking and flaking, and its natural moisture factor restores skin hydration through its ability to retain fluids. Relieving redness and irritation is very important because it immediately gives a feeling of well-being and eliminates that annoying effect of skin pulling. In addition, the ability to moisturize the skin is just as important as protection during exposure. During the summer and especially during the vacations, it is essential to pay attention to hydration if we want to achieve the perfect tan. I’ve talked about it often in the blog but if you missed the article where I talk about it specifically here it is:

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

Which one to choose?

Rely on quality products, avoid products that are too cheap or come in family-size packages; just like sunscreen, after-sun cream also has an expiration date and loses its effectiveness over the months. The best ones use tested formulations that do not cause side effects and rashes on the most sensitive skin.

In conclusion, a great after-sun cream restores moisture and freshness to the skin and helps make the tan unforgettable!

Happy vacations and good hydration and tan from your Mrs. Adorable.

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