Sunbathing: why do we tan more in the mountains?

If I say tan probably sea is the word that almost certainly comes to mind. However, not everyone knows that the mountains are the queen of tanning! Yes it is all true in the mountains you get the most tan!

I’m Mrs. Adorable and I’m about to reveal some interesting facts about tanning at altitude. It is not absolutely necessary to choose the beach for sunbathing, in fact the mountain tans more intensely and faster, the reason is simple, the higher you go, the less atmosphere you have between you and the sun, which means less natural filters for the sun’s radiation that are more intense, which explains why the tan in the mountains is much more intense and faster. The sun’s most powerful rays quickly stimulate the formation of melanin, the skin’s natural protective mechanism that underlies tanning.

Tanning in the mountains, protection is important

Why does it look exactly the opposite?

Do you know why you feel like you tan less in the mountains? The temperature is much cooler than at the sea and is often accompanied by pleasantly crisp air; this combination eliminates the feeling of heat on the skin experienced at the sea and leads one to believe that the intensity of the sun’s rays is less. It is actually much easier to get burned in the mountains, because the cool weather leads to prolonged exposure to the sun, and by the time you notice that your skin is reddened, it is too late. There are special conditions where the intensity of radiation is much stronger such as when you are near streams, lakes or glaciers. The sun’s rays in this case become much more powerful because in addition to having less atmosphere and therefore less filter, they are reflected by water and snow causing redness, sunburn and erythema even more quickly.

Sunscreen yes or no?

Protection is a must that should never be missed in the mountains as well as at the seaside; in addition to protecting us from sunburn, it protects against premature aging of the skin and the long-term development of even serious diseases. The advice I feel like giving you is. increase the protection factor and use SPF 30 sunscreen, so hiking, canoeing on the lake or outdoor activities at high altitudes will be enjoyable and Will bestow a tan to be the envy of friends who have chosen the beach vacation, I also recommend repeating the application of the cream several times during the day to restore the effectiveness of the protective factor. You don’t need to climb Everest to enjoy the increased intensity of the sun’s rays, even at modest altitudes you get a great tan and it is essential to protect yourself so as not to ruin your vacation.

Sun protection even in the mountains

Is after-sun cream useful in the mountains?

Absolutely. After-sun cream is essential for the well-being of the skin as it nourishes, moisturizes and aids in the healing of any redness. At the end of the day, after enjoying the breathtaking views that only the mountains can provide and after a relaxing bath, treat yourself to a massage to gently slather on the after-sun cream, not only is it a pleasant pampering, but Gives the skin the nutrients and hydration to ease redness from sun exposure and prepares the skin for the next day outdoors.

I think that sunbathing is associated almost exclusively with the sea because most people in the summer prefer it to spend their vacation there, perhaps it is natural to think of the beach and the sunbed as the ideal situation for sunbathing, actually we discovered together that in the mountains the sun is much stronger, especially in the presence of streams, lakes or glaciers and it’s easier to have an intense tan but it is most important to pay close attention to protection in order to have a healthy and strong tan to enjoy the benefits of the sun and have healthy and glowing skin.

Good mountain tan, healthy and strong from Mrs Adorable.

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