January 2023

Dry and dull skin during the winter: the ultimate solution

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Snow is finally here, and we are able to enjoy beautiful weekends skiing. However along with the snow come cold and wind, sworn enemies of our skin! How to save your skin? Follow me in this article; I’m Mrs Adorable and I will reveal a trick that is all natural!

As it often happens Mother Nature is our best alley when it comes to wellness and taking care of our body. Even against winter and the cold she can help us keep our skin hydrated and glowy.

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

(Kahlil Gibran)

It is said that beauty comes from within, and it is hard not to agree with this statement. When we are healthy, and our body has all the nutrients it needs to function at its best out skin and face are radiant and have a beautiful light. The secret I’m about to tell isn’t a cream or a skincare routine, but a fruit with extraordinary properties: blackcurrant.

Blackcurrant is one of your best friends if you want to have a glowy skin even in the winter thanks to vitamin C and E, an antioxidant that helps protect it from the damages caused by free radicals. Blackcurrant also contains essential fatty acids that helps maintain the skin hydrated and helps with its elasticity.

What causes dry skin in winter ?

Change in climate

Sadly, many factors contribute to our skin being dry and dull in the winter. Inside our houses, in stores and at the office having the heater on contributes to very dry air. Outside as well the wind and cold weather worsen even more the condition of our skin. However, one enemy is even worse, one that is often ignored, and is invisible: air pollution! In the winter, because of the weather being especially cold and humid, pollution is at an all-time high and our skin is subjected to it all day long.

Beauty routines

How relaxing is a nice warm shower after a cold winter day? The water being too hot and aggressive soaps however can strip the skin of its protective barrier causing dryness and irritation. Exfoliating products used in our beauty routines, great to thoroughly clean your skin can also damage the skin barrier leaving the skin irritated and dry. That is why it is important to be careful while using these products to maintain a healthy and glowy skin.

Lack of vitamins

As we all know the winter holidays are not a time for balanced eating, and we have all indulged in a tasty, but not very healthy, treat every once in a while! Food that is fattier and less nutritious, as well as a lack of available fresh fruit and veggies have the direct consequence of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Guess what happens then? Dry and dull skin of course! It is this lack of vitamins and minerals that can have a big impact on our skin making it irritated, dry, flakey and itchy. A diet poor of vitamins and essential minerals, like vitamins A, D, E and zinc can worsen these problems.

What are natural remedies for dry skin?

Out there exist different natural remedies to battle dry and dull skin caused by the winter season, some of them are applied directly on the skin while others are added into our diet. Aloe and hyaluronic acid are very efficient remedies to treat the skin, they are often used in creams and serums. I will tell you all about them in the future.

Today I want to talk to you about blackcurrant and its exceptional properties to give you hydrated and glowy skin. Blackcurrant is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all of which do wonders for your skin’s health. It contains vitamins C and E, helpful in protecting the skin from damages caused by free radicals. It also contains essential fatty acids, helpful in hydrating and softening dry and dull skin. Blackcurrant also contains tannins and flavonoids helpful for skin elasticity and to reduce inflammation.

Ribes Nero

How to use blackcurrant to help with dry skin?

The use of a blackcurrant supplements can be an effective way to help with dry skin. Blackcurrant is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids helpful in hydrating and nourishing dry skin. It has also been proven that blackcurrant extracts are helpful in protecting the skin from damages done by free radicals, aiding in the production of collagen and helping with skin elasticity.

To have the most benefits it is important to choose a high-quality blackcurrant supplement and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

To conclude


Happy natural beauty from your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableDry and dull skin during the winter: the ultimate solution
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