Dry and dull skin during winter, the ultimate solution.

The snow has finally arrived, allowing us to enjoy some beautiful weekends of skiing. However, along with the snow came the cold and wind, sworn enemies of our skin! What to do? Follow me in this article; I’m Mrs Adorable and I’m going to reveal a natural trick for you.

As is often the case, Mother Nature is our best ally when it comes to wellness and body care, and lo and behold, even against the cold and wind we have a formidable ally to keep our skin hydrated and glowing.

Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is in the light of the heart

(Kahlil Gibran)

It is said that beauty comes from within, and it is hard to disagree with this statement. When we are healthy and our bodies have all the nutrients and substances they need to function optimally, our skin and face radiate a wonderful glow. The secret I am about to tell you is not a cream or skin care routine, but a fruit with extraordinary powers: the black currant.

Currants are one of the best ways to make your skin glow during winter because they are rich in vitamin C and E, an antioxidant that helps protect it from free radical damage. In addition, currants contain essential fatty acids that help keep the skin hydrated. And improve its elasticity.

What are the causes of dry skin in winter?

Environmental and climatic causes

Unfortunately, the causes in winter that contribute to our dry and dull skin are several, in fact houses, stores and offices due to heaters have very dry air. When we are outside, however, wind and cold complete the work against our skin. But there is an invisible enemy that we all often ignore: smog! In winter because of particularly cold and wet days, pollution increases exponentially, and our skin comes into contact with it virtually all day long.

Beauty habits and routines

How relaxing is a hot shower after a cold winter day? Showers that are too hot and harsh soaps can strip the skin of its upper protective layers, causing dryness and irritation. in addition, the exfoliating products used in our beauty routines, which are great for deep cleaning your skin, can remove its top layer causing dryness and irritation. It is important to use these products with caution to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Lack of vitamins

We all know, Christmas and New Year are certainly not a time for balanced diets, so who among us has not indulged in some tasty gluttony? Higher-fat, less nutritious foods and reduced availability of fresh fruits and vegetables directly result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and guess what happens in such cases? Dry, dull skin. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have a serious impact on our skin, causing dryness, flaking, itching, cracking and irritation. A diet low in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, D, E and zinc, can make these problems worse.

What are the natural remedies for dry skin?

There are several natural methods to counteract dry, dull skin caused by the winter season, some are applied externally to skin while others are incorporated into our diet. Aloe and hyaluronic acid are very effective remedies for treating skin; they are often used in the form of creams and serums, but I will tell you about them in the future.

Today I want to tell you about blackcurrant and its exceptional properties for giving moisture and radiance to the skin. Black currants are a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which can help improve skin health. It contains vitamins C and E, which can help protect skin from free radical damage, and essential fatty acids, which can help moisturize and soften dry, dull skin. In addition, blackcurrants also contain tannins and flavonoids that can help improve skin tone and reduce inflammation


How to use blackcurrant to improve dry skin?

Using a blackcurrant supplement can be an effective way to improve dry skin. Black currants are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can help moisturize and nourish dry skin. In addition, blackcurrant extracts have been shown to help protect the skin from free radical damage, increase collagen production, and improve skin elasticity.

For maximum benefits, it is important to choose a high-quality blackcurrant supplement and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

So we just have to say:


Good natural beauty from your Mrs Adorable

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