Skin protection: the key to dealing with urban smog

In today’s fast-paced world, cities offer endless opportunities, but they also bring with them a number of challenges, including air pollution. Urban smog, composed of a mixture of chemicals, fine particles and toxic gases, can have a devastating impact on the health of our skin. But all is not lost! I am here specifically to […]

Valentine’s Day: history, traditions and gift ideas for an unforgettable holiday

Valentine’s Day, one of the most romantic holidays of the year, is just around the corner. Every February 14, millions of people around the world celebrate love and affection for their partners. But what is the story behind this festival? What are the associated traditions and how can we make this day special for those […]

Winter skin care guide: essential products and useful tips

Mrs Adorable is here today to remind you that during winter your skin needs special attention to cope with the rigors of the season and maintain its radiance. Modifying your beauty routine with essential products can make all the difference, ensuring healthy, hydrated skin. Here is a complete guide to taking care of your skin […]

Black Friday: the origins of the shopping holiday

Black Friday has become a highly anticipated annual event, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season with incredible discounts and deals. However, few know that this tradition has deep roots in retail history. Let us examine the origin and history of this “Black Friday.” Dark roots: ‘Black Friday’ The origin of the term “Black […]