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Higher colesterol after the holidays. Attention!

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Summer is barbecues with friends, aperitifs, holidays by the sea or in the mountains, and you know when we relax and find everything ready it’s easier to indulge in some more gluttony . Who hasn’t made two rounds of the breakfast buffet? Who left their good intentions at home indulging in some fried fish or allowed themselves to be tempted by the mountain cuisine, tasty at the right point, and to taste dumplings, speck and cheeses in the stops in the shelters? Do you know that all the dishes I have just listed are ideal for skyrocketing cholesterol ?

I’m Mrs Adorable and I’m not scolding you, after all its holidays, some vice is sacrosanct! Nothing to say but when you return from vacation it is good to put things back in order and try to bring back the values of the sworn enemy of our health: cholesterol. Follow me, with 3 simple tips you can control it better for the benefit of our health.

Fritto misto e il colesterolo ringrazia

Be carefull what you eat

It seems trivial but taken by the rhythms of the summer you may be tempted, once back from vacation, to continue with a diet rich in fat, the vices are difficult to eliminate . Try to limit aperitifs , alcohol, chips, pizzas and croquettes are certainly not ideal for maintaining low cholesterol levels, at breakfast as much as possible moderate the consumption of sugars, croissants and sweets , for lunch and dinner it is better to indulge in lots of vegetables and fruit , which among other things have the power to make the tan last longer (if you missed the article, I’ll talk about it here How to keep a golden tan), give our body freshness and hydration, they also have the great advantage of satiating without weighing down the liver and digestion. Prefer legume soups and avoid overly seasoned and elaborate first courses .

Jogging, benessere per tutti
Workout a casa contro il colesterolo


I know, not everyone has the desire to exercise, but try to include some healthy practices in the routine to start making a difference . For example, if you have the possibility, choose the stairs instead of the elevator , try to take some walks , perhaps in the company of a friend, if you have a four-legged friend, extend the tour by a block and if you really don’t want to know. of the gym cut out 20/30 minutes of aerobics at home following some videos on Youtube, it is full of very fun training programs. For your convenience, I would like to point out some that appeared from the “aerobics at home” research, but there are many others.


Integration is increasingly essential for our well -being , the active ingredients, vitamins and good substances are less and less present in the everyday diet and if you want to bring the right substances to the body it is necessary to integrate . Fortunately, there are substances in nature that help control cholesterol such as black currant . In particular, black currant oil is a real panacea for your body and it is easy to take it, it is possible to find on the market pearls to ingest that provide the right amount. Currant seed oil improves circulation but is also a marvel, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, to counteract rheumatism, arthrosis and cholesterol .

Take good care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

As you can see, with simple actions it is possible to return to a healthy and balanced life and better control the cholesterol values. Good well-being to you from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHigher colesterol after the holidays. Attention!
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How to maintain a golden tan

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How long and how much effort did you go to get a golden and luminous tan ? The holidays pass and the risk is to see the beautiful skin color fade in an instant. Without some small tricks, which few put into practice, in a few days we find ourselves almost at the starting point, regretting our beautiful tan as a thing of the past.

But I’m Mrs Adorable and I’m here to help! I’m about to reveal some secrets to prolong the color of the tan as long as possible. Here are my top 5 tips:

Prolungare l'abbronzatura con i cibi giusti

1- Take care of nutrition

Some time ago I talked about how important nutrition is to have a golden tan, if you missed the articles and you have to leave for the holidays I suggest you give it a peek:

The perfect tan, what to eat

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

In the same way , nutrition plays a fundamental role in prolonging the tan that you have acquired with so much effort, hydration and foods that stimulate melanin are the best way to reach the goal. Get used to consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, prefer yellow-orange ones, antioxidant red fruits, nuts and olive oil, they will help you keep your skin soft avoiding that dryness that accelerates cracking and peeling . Remember that a diet rich in water, fruit and vegetables is not only an excellent ally for tanning but it is a real boon for our body put under the stress of frying and some little vice that we indulge in on vacation. Also, don’t forget about beta carotene, in addition to being an excellent ally of our body, it has the ability to give you a darker skin color, my advice is to take it through diet and quality supplements.

Abbronzatura meglio la doccia

2 – Better to take a shower, avoid a hot bath

You must know that prolonged contact of the skin with the hot water of the bath promotes desquamation. A nice, not too hot shower is an incredible help to keep the skin supple . My advice is to use natural detergents, not too aggressive so as not to wash off the tan.

3 – Pat dry and do not rub

Once you have finished taking a shower , pat your skin dry . Towel rubbing tends to stress the skin and facilitates color loss. Try to choose microfiber towels and bathrobes , as well as being lighter they have an absorbent capacity far superior to the traditional sponge.

In case you have any left over after sun cream from your holidays, use it! It has excellent soothing and moisturizing powers that help keep the skin soft and compact, favouring the preservation of color, and you will also avoid wasting the product which, like sunscreens, has an expiry date.

4 – Avoid air conditioning as much as possible

Do you know that air conditioning is the enemy of your golden tan ? I know, in this period it is practically impossible to do without it but the more you resist and the longer your magnificent tan will last that with so much effort you have achieved. In fact, air conditioning tends to dry the skin, affecting the first state, precisely the colored one, the effect is that dry skin tends to flake much more easily, taking away the summer tan. In conclusion , less air conditioning and a golden tan that lasts longer .

Il sole al rientro dalle vacanze

5 – Sun sun and more sun

Summer is still long, but even when autumn arrives, many days will be warm and pleasant for practicing outdoor sports or for taking a walk in a park or for a weekend trip to the lake. Take advantage of these moments, a lunch break, an afternoon off from work in the office, the weekend, take advantage of these moments of relaxation, even 20/30 minutes spent in the sun are enough to fix and prolong the golden tan . Remember, during exposure, to always use sunscreen, protection is important all year round! I talk about it here:

Solar all year round, yes or no ?

To conclude, I wish you a good return from vacation and a very long golden tan. Your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHow to maintain a golden tan
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Perfect tanning, what to eat

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The perfect tan exists! Not only that, it is possible to obtain it with small tricks within everyone’s reach that prepare the skin in the correct way.

The skin must not only be protected and hydrated with sunscreen and after-sun creams, the skin must be prepared for the sun, it must be prepared to receive the benefits of the sun’s rays through the right nutrients.

In fact, it is known that diet plays a fundamental role in the well-being of our body and affects the appearance and structure of our skin. The right foods and the right hydration help to get an excellent tan and prepare the skin to defend itself from UV rays.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tanning, what to eat
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