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Higher colesterol after the holidays. Attention!

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Summer is barbecues with friends, aperitifs, holidays by the sea or in the mountains, and you know when we relax and find everything ready it’s easier to indulge in some more gluttony . Who hasn’t made two rounds of the breakfast buffet? Who left their good intentions at home indulging in some fried fish or allowed themselves to be tempted by the mountain cuisine, tasty at the right point, and to taste dumplings, speck and cheeses in the stops in the shelters? Do you know that all the dishes I have just listed are ideal for skyrocketing cholesterol ?

I’m Mrs Adorable and I’m not scolding you, after all its holidays, some vice is sacrosanct! Nothing to say but when you return from vacation it is good to put things back in order and try to bring back the values of the sworn enemy of our health: cholesterol. Follow me, with 3 simple tips you can control it better for the benefit of our health.

Fritto misto e il colesterolo ringrazia

Be carefull what you eat

It seems trivial but taken by the rhythms of the summer you may be tempted, once back from vacation, to continue with a diet rich in fat, the vices are difficult to eliminate . Try to limit aperitifs , alcohol, chips, pizzas and croquettes are certainly not ideal for maintaining low cholesterol levels, at breakfast as much as possible moderate the consumption of sugars, croissants and sweets , for lunch and dinner it is better to indulge in lots of vegetables and fruit , which among other things have the power to make the tan last longer (if you missed the article, I’ll talk about it here How to keep a golden tan), give our body freshness and hydration, they also have the great advantage of satiating without weighing down the liver and digestion. Prefer legume soups and avoid overly seasoned and elaborate first courses .

Jogging, benessere per tutti
Workout a casa contro il colesterolo


I know, not everyone has the desire to exercise, but try to include some healthy practices in the routine to start making a difference . For example, if you have the possibility, choose the stairs instead of the elevator , try to take some walks , perhaps in the company of a friend, if you have a four-legged friend, extend the tour by a block and if you really don’t want to know. of the gym cut out 20/30 minutes of aerobics at home following some videos on Youtube, it is full of very fun training programs. For your convenience, I would like to point out some that appeared from the “aerobics at home” research, but there are many others.


Integration is increasingly essential for our well -being , the active ingredients, vitamins and good substances are less and less present in the everyday diet and if you want to bring the right substances to the body it is necessary to integrate . Fortunately, there are substances in nature that help control cholesterol such as black currant . In particular, black currant oil is a real panacea for your body and it is easy to take it, it is possible to find on the market pearls to ingest that provide the right amount. Currant seed oil improves circulation but is also a marvel, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, to counteract rheumatism, arthrosis and cholesterol .

Take good care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

As you can see, with simple actions it is possible to return to a healthy and balanced life and better control the cholesterol values. Good well-being to you from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHigher colesterol after the holidays. Attention!
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How to have fresh and hydrated tanned skin

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Sun, sun and more sun, summer is in its full splendor, some of you have already gone on vacation, others are leaving and many will take a well-deserved relaxing break in August, in common you have the desire for a tanned skin .

The sun is our ally , thanks to its rays the precious vitamin D is produced for our well-being, bones and muscles benefit from it and it is an incredible panacea for a good mood. So under the tan, the sun’s rays, with the necessary precautions, are our friends.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about in this article, I want to reveal practical tips to get the most out of your tan and have a smooth and hydrated skin . I’m Mrs Adorable and these are my TOP 5 tips.

Pelle abbronzata e beta carotene

FIRST TIP: Beta carotene

Beta carotene is an incredible ally for tanning , it makes it more colored and golden but few people know that beta carotene makes the skin soft and healthy as it promotes tissue growth and repair. Its name is closely linked to the carrot that we all know for its pro tan properties. During the summer it is essential to take beta carotene because the sun, the wind and the sea salt tend to dry out and crack our skin. Its action allows the skin to regenerate faster and regenerates the tissues helping the healing of minor burns and erythema.
I talked about it in these articles:

Beta carotene: what it is and how it helps tanning

Beta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer

SECOND TIP: Moisturize the skin

How thirsty do you get in summer? Normally in the summer there is a feeling of very strong thirst, our body warns us that we must drink and quench our thirst, in the same way our skin sends us unequivocal signals when it needs hydration , the epidermis must be considered as if it were a person and in the summer it needs a lot of extra hydration. A few simple actions allow us to hydrate the skin such as using hyaluronic acid. In addition to being a terrific tonic, it helps retain water while keeping the skin soft and hydrated. Hydrated skin tans much better than dry, aching skin.

Pelle abbronzata e idtarara

THIRD TIP: Moisturize from within

We are made of water , drinking the right amount is essential for our well-being. But water is not the only natural source to draw from to have a hydrated body. In addition to drinking at least two liters of water a day, it is important to supplement the diet with lots of fruit and vegetables , as well as being fresh and ideal foods for the summer, they bring many vitamins to our body for a unique mix of well-being and energy. But how beautiful is a super colorful salad or a mega fruit salad refreshed by a scoop of ice cream to look at?

Pelle abbronzata e sana, le giuste pause

FOURTH TIP: Take breaks

Yes I know, the temptation is strong, you are finally at the sea, the desire to tan could lead you to exaggerate with exposure, but a skin suffering from too much radiation could get irritated, burned and rashes could appear , not to mention the damage in the long run period such as premature aging. If you want a fresh and healthy skin you have to give it “time to breathe” and expose yourself avoiding the hottest hours, gradually increasing the exposure time day after day and obviously always protecting with a good sunscreen.

FIFTH TIP: Pamper yourself at the end of the day

You hydrated yourself, you took beta-carotene, you hydrated your skin and you protected yourself with a good sunscreen well but not great ! To complete the work at the end of the day, after a refreshing shower, treat yourself to a relaxing massage by applying the after-sun cream. The after-sun cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, refreshing it, giving relief in case of minor burns and redness and preparing the skin for the next day.

And as always good tan with healthy, fresh and hydrated tanned skin from your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHow to have fresh and hydrated tanned skin
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Improve your tan with supplements

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Tan is beatiful isn’t it, it is synonymous with relaxation, warmth, summer and joy , tanning makes us more beautiful and improves our mood, it will be for these and many other reasons that we work hard to get it bright and golden. What if there was a totally natural help to make it even more beautiful?

I’m Mrs Adorable and i love giving advice on wellness, sun and tun.

The help is there and it is absolutely natural, as you may have guessed from the title I’m talking about integration . Attention any “pro tanning” supplement does not replace sunscreen, the supplements do not have filters that can shield UV rays.


In addition to the very famous beta carotene , there are many other supplements that can be of great help both to tanning and to the skin in general . All antioxidants, for example, are excellent for counteracting free radicals, skin aging and therefore have the effect of improving the skin and consequently the tan.

Coenzyme Q10 hinders the formation of wrinkles and is also useful for preventing sunburn.
The beta carotene contained in many foods, I talk about it here

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

it has the property of coloring the skin, settles and makes it darker and more golden, giving a unique color that, combined with the natural tan of the sun, produces a unique effect giving us a screaming tan. As you can see, the combined use of supplements and sun protection allows you to significantly improve your tan and at the same time enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun .


Tanning supplements and sunscreens are excellent allies to get all the benefits of sun exposure .

You know that a correct use of integration and protection improves the color of the tan, increases its intensity, duration and counteracts annoying irritation and skin aging.

The supplements for tanning must be taken a few months before sun exposure , and it is essential to continue throughout the period of exposure to the sun. For the modalities it is good to rely on the specific indications of the supplement, but generally they should be taken with a lot of water.


Supplementation does not replace nutrition , and it is therefore advisable to have a healthy diet and to combine a diet rich in products containing substances useful for sunbathing such as carrots, melon, apricots and tomatoes.

Hydration is also essential, both to take supplements correctly and as a good habit for a healthy body and hydrated skin.

In conclusion, to answer a question they often ask me:

 “Do tanning supplements work?

I answer:


I can tell you with certainty that you will have less sunburn, less rashes and certainly a more golden and even tan, as well as a healthy and protected skin.

Trying is believing. By Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableImprove your tan with supplements
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Suncreams in the mountains protection at high altitudes

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An excursion in the mountains, a path that leads to high altitude in the clouds where the air is more crisp, a backpack on his shoulder, the dog running up and down the path making our way 10 times, a wonderful day with some cloud that basically does not bother, on the contrary it makes the summer temperature even more pleasant.

What a sight, but here in the evening, face and shoulders burn with a conspicuous sign of the shoulder straps of the backpack and the temples of the sunglasses that make the appearance vaguely funny

Yes, you got sunburned!

The sun in the mountains causes damage to the skin in the short and long term just like the sun at the sea, indeed more! In fact, you must know that as you go up to high altitude the natural protection of the atmosphere decreases and the rays become more intense by 10/12% every thousand meters, it is an impressive figure, but even more impressive is the power of the sun’s rays if the excursion ends at foot of a glacier, ice and snow reflect the rays, increasing the intensity by 80%.


Skin exposed to the sun tends to protect itself, this action is highlighted by the change in color due to melanin, unfortunately, however, the natural protection mechanism alone is not enough to create an effective shield. Thanks to the fact that culture, habit or laziness is almost never associated with the need to protect the skin in the mountains, we are faced with annoying burns, erythema and in the most serious cases, when even the eyes are not adequately protected, even temporary blindness.

Attention, the mountains in summer are simply wonderful, the climate, even in August is much more bearable than at sea, at high altitude it is even pleasant, a walk in the mountains, in the midst of nature, offers breathtaking views and allows you to detoxify from stress of the city, but it is necessary to protect yourself adequately to fully enjoy a corner of paradise.


You immediately notice that you have been burned, the sensation is annoying and in the worst cases you feel real pain, the skin becomes so sensitive that it cannot even be touched, but there is damage caused by exposure to the sun without protection that is they present after years, such as skin photoaging up to, in the most extreme cases, even tumors.

The natural defenses that our body puts in place are not sufficient to protect the skin and eyes and need help, especially in the mountains where the intensity of the sun’s rays is much stronger than at sea..


We have seen that it is necessary to protect yourself during our outdoor activities in the mountains by using sunscreen. But which? In the mountains, given the lower protection of the atmosphere, it is necessary to rely on high protection factors, in addition to the filter, a high quality composition of the cream is essential to keep the skin hydrated. An excellent level of hydration is the signal that the skin is not suffering from sun exposure, on the contrary, when it is burned the sensation is dry and the skin seems to “pull” in an annoying way.


An excellent level of skin hydration indicates the integrity of the skin barrier. The most suitable products, dedicated to the face and neck, are enriched with a special mixture of hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weight. This technology is specially designed to counteract the formation of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging.

Hyaluronic acid is famous for its smoothing properties that give the skin brightness and beauty, but few know that it is also an excellent help to keep the skin hydrated and increase, used together with an excellent sunscreen, the behavior of exposed skin in the sun. It is possible to find hyaluronic acid in cosmetics specially designed to make the skin toned and radiant, the most advanced contain different molecular weights to counteract the formation of wrinkles and the signs of skin aging caused by the sun. 


Integration is essential to give our body the right nutrients and prepare the skin for sun exposure, whether it’s a beach or mountain holiday. Supplements containing, for example, beta-carotene or Coenzyme Q10 which counteract skin aging, fighting free radicals and the consequences of exposure to sunlight, are excellent. Thanks to their action they keep skin always young by fighting the signs caused by the sun.


The sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure to allow the composition to act and better protect the skin, the application should then be repeated every 3-4 hours to keep the effectiveness of the filters contained in the cream high. In the mountains it is necessary to pay close attention to the most exposed areas of the body such as the scalp, in the case of very short hair, neck, ears and shoulders. Generally it is good practice to apply the protection on all areas exposed directly to the sun.

A good pair of mirrored glasses or glasses with high UV protection, clothing and boots suitable for the route complete the kit for a pleasant and safe excursion.

Mrs AdorableSuncreams in the mountains protection at high altitudes
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Perfect tanning, what to eat

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The perfect tan exists! Not only that, it is possible to obtain it with small tricks within everyone’s reach that prepare the skin in the correct way.

The skin must not only be protected and hydrated with sunscreen and after-sun creams, the skin must be prepared for the sun, it must be prepared to receive the benefits of the sun’s rays through the right nutrients.

In fact, it is known that diet plays a fundamental role in the well-being of our body and affects the appearance and structure of our skin. The right foods and the right hydration help to get an excellent tan and prepare the skin to defend itself from UV rays.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tanning, what to eat
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