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Sunbathing: why do you get more tanned in the mountains ?

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If I say tan, probably sea is the word that almost certainly comes to mind. not everyone knows, however, that the mountain is the queen of tanning ! Yes, it’s all true in the mountains you get tanned more!

I’m Mrs Adorable and I’m about to reveal some curiosities about tanning at high altitude . It is not absolutely necessary to choose the beach for sunbathing, on the contrary the mountain tans more intensely and faster , the reason is simple, the more you climb and the less atmosphere you have between you and the sun, which means less natural filters for solar radiation which are more intense, this explains why sunbathing in the mountains is much more intense and faster. The most powerful sun rays quickly stimulate the formation of melanin, the skin’s natural protection mechanism that is the basis of tanning.

abbronzarsi in montagna, la protezione è importante

Why does it seem exactly the opposite ?

Do you know why you have the feeling that you tan less in the mountains? The temperature is much cooler than the sea and is often accompanied by a pleasantly crisp air, this combination eliminates the sensation of heat on the skin experienced at the sea and leads one to believe that the intensity of the sun’s rays is lower. In reality it is much easier to get sunburned in the mountains , because the coolness leads to prolonged exposure to the sun and when you realize that your skin is red it is too late. There are particular conditions where the intensity of radiation is much stronger, such as when you are near streams, lakes or glaciers. The sun’s rays in this case become much more powerful because in addition to having less atmosphere and therefore less filter, they are reflected by water and snow causing redness, burns and erythema even more quickly.

Sunscreen yes or no ?

Protection is a must that must never be lacking in the mountains or at the sea , in addition to protecting us from sunburn, it protects against premature aging of the skin and the long-term development of even serious diseases. The advice I would like to give you is to increase the protection factor and use a SPF 30 sunscreen, so hiking, canoeing on the lake or outdoor activities at high altitude will be pleasant and will give a tan that is the envy of the friends who have chosen a beach holiday. I also recommend that you repeat the application of the cream several times during the day to restore the effectiveness of the protection factor. You don’t need to climb Everest to enjoy the greater intensity of the sun’s rays, even at modest altitudes you get a lot of tans and it is essential to protect yourself so as not to ruin your holiday .

Protezione solare anche in montagna

Is the after sun cream useful in the mountains ?

Absolutely yes! The after sun cream is essential for the well-being of the skin as it nourishes, moisturizes and helps in the healing of any redness. At the end of the day, after enjoying the breathtaking views that only the mountains can offer and after a relaxing bath, treat yourself to a massage to gently spread the after-sun cream, not only is it a pleasant cuddle, but also gives the skin nutrients and hydration. to reduce redness due to sun exposure and prepare the skin for the next day in the open air.

I believe that sunbathing is almost exclusively associated with the sea because most people prefer it in summer to spend their holidays there, perhaps it is natural to think of the beach and the sunbed as the ideal situation for sunbathing, in reality we discovered together that in the mountains the sun is much stronger , especially in the presence of streams, lakes or glaciers and it is easier to have an intense tan but it is very important to pay close attention to protection to have a healthy and strong tan to enjoy the benefits of the sun and have a healthy and radiant skin.

Good mountain tan, healthy and strong from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableSunbathing: why do you get more tanned in the mountains ?
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After sun cream which is the beast?

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A super tan does not only include sun protection, which is essential as I always repeat, but becomes even more beautiful and lasting thanks to the after sun cream . With this little big trick you will give so much relief to your skin that it will thank you with a screaming tan.

The after sun cream is a product that must not be missing in your holiday kit , it is the secret that allows you to get a tan never seen before, thanks to the benefits it brings to the skin.

I’m Mrs Adorable and I want to give you some simple tips to get the most out of after sun cream.

Adorable Beauty crema doposole gambe

How it should be?

A good after-sun cream must have quality and natural ingredients to optimize the beneficial effects and give relief to the skin, it must have a good texture that is not too liquid that allows the skin to absorb quickly, be perfumed but not too much so as not to leave persistent scents that mask the natural smell of the skin and interfere with deodorants or perfumes and finally the best format is the dispenser that allows precise dispensing of the desired quantity to avoid waste .

How should it be used?

The after-sun cream should be applied abundantly with a circular massage on the face and body immediately after exposure to the sun. A good after-sun cream is quickly absorbed without leaving traces of greasiness. At the end of the day on the beach or in the mountains, and after a regenerating shower, the application of the after-sun cream becomes a pleasant routine, which relaxes and refreshes our body, preparing it for the evening and the next day of vacation.

Adorable Beauty Crema doposole scottatura

What benefits does it brings?

Thanks to its composition it brings freshness and soothes redness, keeps the skin soft, prevents cracking and flaking, its natural hydration factor restores skin hydration thanks to its ability to retain liquids. Relieving redness and irritation is very important because it immediately gives a feeling of well-being and eliminates that annoying effect of tightening skin. Furthermore, the ability to hydrate the skin is just as important as protection during exposure. During the summer and especially during the holidays it is essential to take care of hydration if we want to get the perfect tan . I have often talked about it in the blog but if you missed the article in which I talk about it specifically here it is:

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

Which one to choose ?

Rely on quality products, avoid products that are too cheap or in family size packs , just like sun creams, after sun cream also has an expiry date and as the months go by it loses its effectiveness. The best ones use tested formulations that do not cause side effects and rashes on the most sensitive skin.

In conclusion, an excellent after-sun cream restores hydration and freshness to the skin and helps make the tan unforgettable! 

Happy holidays and good hydration and good tan from your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableAfter sun cream which is the beast?
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How to have fresh and hydrated tanned skin

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Sun, sun and more sun, summer is in its full splendor, some of you have already gone on vacation, others are leaving and many will take a well-deserved relaxing break in August, in common you have the desire for a tanned skin .

The sun is our ally , thanks to its rays the precious vitamin D is produced for our well-being, bones and muscles benefit from it and it is an incredible panacea for a good mood. So under the tan, the sun’s rays, with the necessary precautions, are our friends.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about in this article, I want to reveal practical tips to get the most out of your tan and have a smooth and hydrated skin . I’m Mrs Adorable and these are my TOP 5 tips.

Pelle abbronzata e beta carotene

FIRST TIP: Beta carotene

Beta carotene is an incredible ally for tanning , it makes it more colored and golden but few people know that beta carotene makes the skin soft and healthy as it promotes tissue growth and repair. Its name is closely linked to the carrot that we all know for its pro tan properties. During the summer it is essential to take beta carotene because the sun, the wind and the sea salt tend to dry out and crack our skin. Its action allows the skin to regenerate faster and regenerates the tissues helping the healing of minor burns and erythema.
I talked about it in these articles:

Beta carotene: what it is and how it helps tanning

Beta carotene: an ally for skin protection in summer

SECOND TIP: Moisturize the skin

How thirsty do you get in summer? Normally in the summer there is a feeling of very strong thirst, our body warns us that we must drink and quench our thirst, in the same way our skin sends us unequivocal signals when it needs hydration , the epidermis must be considered as if it were a person and in the summer it needs a lot of extra hydration. A few simple actions allow us to hydrate the skin such as using hyaluronic acid. In addition to being a terrific tonic, it helps retain water while keeping the skin soft and hydrated. Hydrated skin tans much better than dry, aching skin.

Pelle abbronzata e idtarara

THIRD TIP: Moisturize from within

We are made of water , drinking the right amount is essential for our well-being. But water is not the only natural source to draw from to have a hydrated body. In addition to drinking at least two liters of water a day, it is important to supplement the diet with lots of fruit and vegetables , as well as being fresh and ideal foods for the summer, they bring many vitamins to our body for a unique mix of well-being and energy. But how beautiful is a super colorful salad or a mega fruit salad refreshed by a scoop of ice cream to look at?

Pelle abbronzata e sana, le giuste pause

FOURTH TIP: Take breaks

Yes I know, the temptation is strong, you are finally at the sea, the desire to tan could lead you to exaggerate with exposure, but a skin suffering from too much radiation could get irritated, burned and rashes could appear , not to mention the damage in the long run period such as premature aging. If you want a fresh and healthy skin you have to give it “time to breathe” and expose yourself avoiding the hottest hours, gradually increasing the exposure time day after day and obviously always protecting with a good sunscreen.

FIFTH TIP: Pamper yourself at the end of the day

You hydrated yourself, you took beta-carotene, you hydrated your skin and you protected yourself with a good sunscreen well but not great ! To complete the work at the end of the day, after a refreshing shower, treat yourself to a relaxing massage by applying the after-sun cream. The after-sun cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, refreshing it, giving relief in case of minor burns and redness and preparing the skin for the next day.

And as always good tan with healthy, fresh and hydrated tanned skin from your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHow to have fresh and hydrated tanned skin
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5 tips for a perfect tan

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Here we are, the summer, the sun, the holidays are approaching and with them the desire for a tan. How much do you want a natural, shiny and even tan that lasts a long time? A lot I imagine, with my advice you will see that the tan will be so beautiful and perfect as to create a pinch of envy in all your friends .

I start with scolding you if you lie in the sun without protection with the belief that you will tan faster, if you use a famous baby oil to intensify the effect of the sun or if you lie down like a lizard during the hottest hours . I scold you not only because they are not the right ways to get a super tan, but above all because sunbathing with those bad habits increases the risk of serious diseases and the skin ages quickly, leaving noticeable marks even at a young age.

If you like, instead, I want to give you some simple but precious tips to get an intense, golden and above all healthy tan. Let’s start:

1. Prepare your skin for the sun

Start well and in advance to find yourself in the lead, if your goal is an intense and golden tan, perhaps without sunburn and erythema to ruin your holiday, you must take care of your skin before arriving at the sea and give yourself the well-deserved relaxation.

How to do?

Start immediately to take care of your skin and prepare it for the sun, keep it hydrated and clean by relying on a wellness center for an exfoliating scrub, get sunscreen with a protection factor suitable for your skin into your beauty routine, start with small exposures sunscreen to stimulate the production of melanin and finally supplement the diet by eating tanning friendly foods, I talked about it in an article, if you lost it here it is:

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

In addition to the skin, it is necessary to hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water, hydration is one of the fundamental factors for a radiant, healthy and lasting tan.

Abbronzatura perfetta, preparar la pelle al sole

2. Choose the right protection for your skin

Choosing the right sunscreen is relatively simple, fair skin needs high protection factors such as SPF 30, darker skin needs lower protection such as SPF 6. Even in the case of already tanned skin, the advice is never to go below the minimum protection factor. Thanks to the filters contained in the cream, in fact, a real barrier is created against the harmful UVB and UVA radiation of the sun, which in fact protect the skin and keep it healthy when exposed to the sun.
Reactivate the protection during the day By now I think you will be tired of hearing this but I can’t do without it, it’s the main rule: under the sun you have to protect yourself! For the protection to be effective you have to spread the cream all over the body, literally from head to toe, but not only, the application must be repeated several times a day because due to the water, perspiration, rubbing against the towel, the protection it tends to decrease until it disappears.

3. A litle sun and the best times

The third piece of advice I would like to give you is to expose yourself to the sun gradually , if you have the possibility, start before the beach holiday, in this way your skin will have time to produce melanin, reducing the risk of erythema and sunburn. If when you arrive at the beach you activate the “lizard mode” remember that the central hours, in addition to being the hottest, are those where the solar radiation is most intense and the risk of sunburn, erythema and damage to the skin is highest. Take some breaks and relax under the umbrella, I’ll tell you a secret, you tan even in the shade ! And finally, to give your skin some respite, give yourself a refreshing shower from time to time.

4. Eat a diet rich in tanning foods

Our well-being depends on the diet and nutrients we take, a balanced diet will not only make you feel good but will make your skin more beautiful by preparing it for a tan . There are foods that naturally color the skin, increase tolerance to sunlight and give you lots of energy. Fruits and vegetables offer you everything you need for a screaming tan, carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots and cherries are just some of the protagonists that I covered in a blog article and in a post on the Instagram profile. (if you haven’t done so yet follow me @adorablebeautyofficial)

Abbronzatura perfetta con l'anguria

5. Moisturize your skin with after sun

Hydration is a mantra as important as protection , it is essential to hydrate body and skin all year round, but it becomes essential in the summer when we want to get the perfect tan. It is also important to hydrate the skin at the end of a day at the beach, lake or in the mountains. How? Simple, with a good after-sun moisturizer , it will not only give you a beautiful feeling of freshness and relief, but it will better prepare your skin for the next sunny day, helping to make your tan memorable. I talked about it here:

Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

Happy summer, happy holidays and good tan, healthy, unique memorable! Your Mrs Adorable.

Mrs Adorable5 tips for a perfect tan
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Improve your tan with supplements

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Tan is beatiful isn’t it, it is synonymous with relaxation, warmth, summer and joy , tanning makes us more beautiful and improves our mood, it will be for these and many other reasons that we work hard to get it bright and golden. What if there was a totally natural help to make it even more beautiful?

I’m Mrs Adorable and i love giving advice on wellness, sun and tun.

The help is there and it is absolutely natural, as you may have guessed from the title I’m talking about integration . Attention any “pro tanning” supplement does not replace sunscreen, the supplements do not have filters that can shield UV rays.


In addition to the very famous beta carotene , there are many other supplements that can be of great help both to tanning and to the skin in general . All antioxidants, for example, are excellent for counteracting free radicals, skin aging and therefore have the effect of improving the skin and consequently the tan.

Coenzyme Q10 hinders the formation of wrinkles and is also useful for preventing sunburn.
The beta carotene contained in many foods, I talk about it here

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

it has the property of coloring the skin, settles and makes it darker and more golden, giving a unique color that, combined with the natural tan of the sun, produces a unique effect giving us a screaming tan. As you can see, the combined use of supplements and sun protection allows you to significantly improve your tan and at the same time enjoy the beneficial effects of the sun .


Tanning supplements and sunscreens are excellent allies to get all the benefits of sun exposure .

You know that a correct use of integration and protection improves the color of the tan, increases its intensity, duration and counteracts annoying irritation and skin aging.

The supplements for tanning must be taken a few months before sun exposure , and it is essential to continue throughout the period of exposure to the sun. For the modalities it is good to rely on the specific indications of the supplement, but generally they should be taken with a lot of water.


Supplementation does not replace nutrition , and it is therefore advisable to have a healthy diet and to combine a diet rich in products containing substances useful for sunbathing such as carrots, melon, apricots and tomatoes.

Hydration is also essential, both to take supplements correctly and as a good habit for a healthy body and hydrated skin.

In conclusion, to answer a question they often ask me:

 “Do tanning supplements work?

I answer:


I can tell you with certainty that you will have less sunburn, less rashes and certainly a more golden and even tan, as well as a healthy and protected skin.

Trying is believing. By Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableImprove your tan with supplements
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How to get a quick tan

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Fast and perfect tanning, the dream of many, a goal at first sight unattainable that in reality it is possible to achieve with small tricks.

How do you get the perfect tan quickly? There are many actions you can do, from the right foods to body care and mistakes to avoid: here are all the tips for getting a perfect tan!


The first step to consider is the preparation of the skin for the summer season.

Very often we just spread the sunscreen under the beach umbrella, it is not just a mistake, but it is a behavior that generates a series of problems, such as sunburn and erythema.

Gentle scrubs, skin hydration using hyaluronic acid creams and the use of sunscreen, already from spring exposure, prepare the skin to face the strong sun of summer holidays with maximum effectiveness and protection.

However, the skin must be treated both externally and internally, nourishing it with dedicated supplements based on antioxidants and beta carotene, starting to take them 3 or 4 months before the holidays. During the same period, you prefer a healthy diet.

1.1 Whe are what we eat

Ludwig Feuerbach

A healthy diet prepares our body for the best, allowing you to tan well and quickly. Hydration, like nutrients, is very important and must take place both on the skin, with moisturizers and hyaluronic acid-based creams, and entirely by taking the right amount of water daily.

2. What to eat for a quick tan

Nutrition and tanning go hand in hand, but what are the right foods? Ok, you know very well that fruit and vegetables must not be missing, but there are other foods that are pro suntan, didn’t you know that? Well I’m Mrs Adorable, I’m here to tell you!

I also point you out an article in wich i talk about it:

What are foods rich in beta carotene?

In addition to beta carotene, it is very useful to take foods containing Omega 3 such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, oil and flax seeds, chia seeds, avocados, algae, small fish and caught fish. Omega 3 make the skin more elastic and compact, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and promote the formation of melanin, the substance responsible for tanning.

3. Perfect tan and fair skin

Even those with fair skin can get an excellent tan but it will take much more time and a more gradual exposure, always accompanied by sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Avoiding the hottest hours with fair skin is even more important to avoid sunburn and rashes.

In addition to the high protection and the after sun cream, if you have fair skin follow all the advice on supplements and nutrition that remain the same dedicated to those with a darker complexion.

4. Some tips to prolong the tan

Nutrition, supplements, months of preparation, we can finally show off a screaming tan but now a new problem arises: how to avoid losing it in a short time?

With a few small and simple tricks it is possible to prolong our tan.

I recommend maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water. Showering is preferable to taking a bath, using delicate and moisturizing products, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it with a towel and finally use a moisturizer.

As far as possible, avoid air conditioning and prolonged swimming in the pool, chlorine is a sworn enemy of tanning.

Pay attention to the preparation and maintenance and you will have a more beautiful and lasting tan, according to Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableHow to get a quick tan
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The most beatifull Italian beaches for 2022

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The days get longer, summer is behind the doors and the desire for the sea rises. Which are the most beautiful beaches in Italy for the holidays?

Italy is beautiful and our sea has beaches that do not fear comparison with the Caribbean, Maldives and dream countries, I have selected a few, knowing that we have so many and so wonderful do not be angry if I have forgotten the one you have visited and it is become your favorite beach.

Here is the selection of the most beautiful beaches in Italy by Mrs Adorable for you:

Bay of the Saracens, Liguria

Just outside Varigotti, past the tunnel, on your right there is a wonder for the eyes and the heart, the Bay of the Saracens, a small inlet that takes its name from the raids of Saracen pirates.

The beach is free and you have to arrive early in the morning to be able to find parking, alternatively you can park in Varigotti and reach the bay with a short walk. The beach is sandy but the seabed turns into a sort of rock that hosts many fish in the ravines, the ideal situation for a colorful swim and snorkeling.

If you want to spend a holiday, a romantic weekend or a trip out of town with husband and children in a crystalline sea and a beach enclosed between sea and mountains, you will not be disappointed by the Bay of the Saracens.

Cala Violina, Tuscany

Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma, immersed in the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve, will leave you speechless, as long as you consider a short walk of a couple of km in unspoiled nature.

Clear sand and a crystalline sea, however, have another limitation that makes it even more exclusive, to grab a place in the sun, where to take a breathtaking tan in front of a dream sea, it is necessary to book, access is in fact limited to 700 people a day.

If you love unspoiled nature, if you like a bit of adventure, Cala Violina is the ideal place to spend memorable days at the beach.

Varigotti beach, Liguria

The beach of Varigotti, a piece of paradise in Liguria, can only sparkle the eyes when I tell about Varigotti, a fine gravel beach that runs along the old fishing village and continues to the end of the town.

The colorful houses that stand out on the beach and the crystalline sea make you savor incredible atmospheres while the sea, which competes with the sky to win over who is more blue, offers an indescribable spectacle for the eyes.

Do you want to eat excellent fish by the sea? You can’t miss the Varigotti beach.

Cala coticcio beach, Sardinia

They call it the Tahiti of Sardinia, a natural pool with fine white sand, crystal clear waters and a seabed full of fish and lush flora, a paradise to be seen above and below the water.

Have you ever gone to Polynesia? Here is Italian Polynesia, if you visit it it will become your favorite beach. So beautiful that it is protected, it is in fact located within a natural park and to be visited you need to book a tour with a limited number of participants.

Is it worth all this effort and these “complications” to visit it? ABSOLUTELY YES word of Mrs Adorable.

Cala Rossa, Sicily

A dream beach in our beautiful Sicily, Cala Rossa in Favignana is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, preferred by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Natural scenery, a sea with a thousand colors and Sicily, with its immense charm

To reach the island of Favignana you need to embark, and you can travel far and wide by bicycle, motorbike or even by car. Cala Rossa is located about 4 km from the center. The last stretch is steep and rocky, so if you don’t like adventure the alternative is to reach the beach from the sea.

What can I say, a dream beach in a region that during the summer dazzles with its splendor, both of the sea and of its hinterland and its culture.

Rabbit beach, Lampedusa

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, if you are lucky enough to see the spectacle of the Rabbit Beach, you cannot help but be amazed, fine white sand, crystal clear water, a blue sky and unspoiled nature make it a true miracle of nature!

It is a destination not to be missed, and if I can give you some advice, avoid the busiest periods. If you are lucky enough to have vacation at the end of September you will find an even more magical place, without the crowds that distinguish it in July and August.

La Pelosa beach, Sardegna

A tropical paradise in the Mediterranean, an oasis of blinding beauty, compliments abound, the fact remains undisputed that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe in the Gulf of Asinara.

White and very fine, soft sand, water that gives Caribbean colors, blue, turquoise, light blue, emerald green, a unique transparency, a paradise for the eyes and for the sensations that water and sand give to the body. The natural barrier ensures that the water is clear and very low, perfect for traveling with family and children.

A part of the beach is free and a part equipped to meet the tastes of those who prefer the more adventurous sea life and those who want all the comforts.

Sirolo beaches, Marche

The beaches of Sirolo enjoy a lot of fame, the Due Sorelle Beach and that of Numana are perhaps the most famous, but the whole Conero Riviera is able to offer breathtaking views. They are all relatively easy to reach and offer both a free beach and an equipped beach.

If you love nature and feel a little like an Adventure Woman, I recommend that you explore the various beaches on foot, vegetation and woods frame a blue and crystalline sea, bright, intense colors that immediately give a sense of peace and relaxation.

Sansone beach, Isola d’Elba

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Elba Island, the spectacle that will present itself to your eyes will make you forget the fatigue of the 15-minute walk required to reach it.
A crystalline sea, which fade from white to turquoise blue, a beach of almost blinding white pebbles make this destination unmissable.

If you love wild nature this is the right beach for you.

Tropea beaches, Calabria

Tropea, a jewel of our beloved Italy, incredible beaches with the sea that fades from turquoise to intense blue. Extraordinary views that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Tropea is a unique village, to be discovered and visited, narrow streets and squares often open onto glimpses where you can admire breathtaking views. The beaches of Tropea can be reached through roads and stairways that start from the upper part of the town and descend towards the sea. An enchanting and unique place in the world.

These are the beaches I have chosen for you, but if you know any and have visited others let me know in the comments! Have a nice beach holiday from Mrs Adorable.

Mrs AdorableThe most beatifull Italian beaches for 2022
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Sport under the sun? 4 things to know to protect your skin

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We are outdoors, hair tied up, tank top, leggings, running shoes, we have just finished stretching, our favorite playlist in the headphones and we are ready for a run that gives well-being, clears the mind and free from the stress of the daily routine.

The sun in this period is not too hot, it is perfect for keeping the pace up.

Physical activity is the basis of a healthy life. Do you know that if you practice outdoor sports, your skin must be as ready as your muscles and breath?

Before running, stretching is highly recommended to prepare the body for the best, to protect us from tearing or muscle problems, but we often forget about the skin. When we run outdoors, on the cycle path or in the park, our body, especially the face, neck and shoulders, is exposed to the sun’s rays, unfortunately also to the harmful ones, present in large quantities even when the sun doesn’t seem so hot.

It is precisely in these situations that it is easy to get burned as the skin has not yet activated all the self-protection systems. But a few simple tips are enough, but few put into practice to enjoy the well-being of sport and the sun in complete safety.

1 Always use the sunscreen

It seems trivial but often those who practice sports at an amateur level forget about one fundamental thing: sun protection. It is essential to protect the skin even in spring.

If you missed the article, here it is:

Safe tanning even in spring

In addition to annoying burns, which leave unsightly redness on the shoulders, neck and face, the sun is the main cause of skin aging, and in the worst cases of even serious diseases. We recommend a medium-high degree of protection, 15 or 30 according to your phototype.

2 Hydration is good for your body and skin

Proper hydration is essential during physical activity to replenish the fluids lost during sweating, but drinking plenty of water is also very important for skin health. In fact, correct skin hydration is a symptom of healthy skin, on the contrary dry skin, which stretches, is a symptom of a situation of suffering.

Do you know when on vacation after a day under the sun you arrive at the end of the day? The skin needs to be hydrated, it needs care.

3 Hyaluronic acid

We are not talking about aesthetics, or rather hyaluronic acid is certainly an excellent ally for a smooth and smooth skin, in fact it fills the micro wrinkles giving a healthy and luminous appearance, but it is also super to help the sunscreen to maintain the hydrated and supple skin during sun exposure. A modern hyaluronic acid cream, incorporates in the composition 5 different molecular weights that penetrate and act in the different layers of the skin, working specifically for a surprising result.

4 After sun cream

Exactly, like at the sea, even after physical activity outdoors in the city or in the countryside, use the after-sun cream that hydrates and prepares the skin to the top for the next day. It will give you immediate freshness and hydration to the skin to continue the day or end the evening in style. The after-sun cream can become a pleasant ritual that gives, in addition to the benefits of hydration, a pleasant sensation of relaxation of tired muscles, thanks to the delicate massage needed to apply

We conclude with a quote that seems written specifically for this topic:

Sport makes love to the body, making it as beautiful as the sun every time.

(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Mrs AdorableSport under the sun? 4 things to know to protect your skin
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