Higher cholesterol after the vacations. Warning.

Summer is barbecues with girlfriends and friends, aperitifs, vacations at the beach or in the mountains, and you know when we relax and find everything ready, it is easier to indulge in a few extra gluttonous sins. Who hasn’t taken two turns at the breakfast buffet? Who has left the good resolutions at home by indulging in a few fish fries or been tempted by the mountain cuisine, tasty to the point, and sampling dumplings, bacon and cheeses at hut stops? Did you know that all the dishes I just listed are ideal for skyrocketing cholesterol?

I’m Mrs. Adorable and I’m not scolding you, after all, it’s vacations, a few vices are sacrosanct! Nothing to say but when we return from vacation it is good to get things back on track and try to get the values of the sworn enemy of our health back to normal: cholesterol. Follow me, with 3 simple tips you can control it better to the benefit of our health.

Stir-fry and cholesterol thanks

Be careful what you eat

It sounds trivial, but caught up in the rhythms of summer you may be tempted, once you return from vacation, to continue with a high-fat diet; vices are hard to get rid of. Try to limit appetizers, alcohol, chips, pizzas and nuggets are certainly not ideal for maintaining low cholesterol levels, at breakfast as far as possible Moderate consumption of sugars, croissants and sweets, for lunch and dinner better to indulge in lots of vegetables and fruits, which by the way have the power to make the tan last longer (if you missed the article I talk about it here How to maintain a golden tan), They give our body freshness and hydration, they also have the great advantage of satiating without burdening the liver and digestion. Prefer legume soups and avoid overly seasoned and elaborate pasta dishes.

Jogging, wellness for all
Workout at home against cholesterol

Hurry up!

I know, not everyone has the desire to exercise, but try incorporating some healthy practices into your routine to start making a difference. For example, if you have the opportunity choose the stairs instead of the elevator, try to take a few walks, perhaps in the company of a friend, if you have a four-legged friend, lengthen the loop by a block And if you really don’t want to know about the gym carve out 20 to 30 minutes of aerobics at home following a few videos on Youtube, it is full of very fun workout programs. For your convenience, I’ll point out a few that appeared from the “home aerobics” search, but there are plenty of others.


Supplementation is increasingly essential for our well-being; active ingredients, vitamins and good substances are less and less present in the everyday diet, and if you want to bring the right substances to the body, you need to supplement. Fortunately, there are substances in nature that help control cholesterol such as Blackcurrant. Blackcurrant oil in particular is a real boon to your body, and it’s easy to take; you can find ingestible pearls on the market that provide the right amount. Ribes seed oil improves circulation but is also a marvel, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, for combating rheumatism, arthritis, and cholesterol.

Take good care of your body; it is the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

As you see with simple actions it is possible to return to a healthy and balanced life and better control cholesterol values. Good welfare to you from Mrs. Adorable.

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