Coenzyme Q10, the foods that contain it

We know it well, there is no elixir of eternal youth, but it is possible to slow down time and its effects on our bodies and skin.

I am Mrs. Adorable, and I want to tell you an all-natural secret. This is coenzyme Q10, a terrific aid to give our bodies lots of energy, improve immunity and give us a more beautiful appearance over time.

Aging cannot be prevented,
But you can prevent yourself from getting old.

(Henri Matisse)

Coenzyme Q10 is critical to our lives in energy production and protection from free radicals. Our body is able to synthesize Coenzyme Q10, but it tends to decrease with age.

Coenzyme Q10 in chicken

Fortunately, mother nature and supplementation allow us to take it in the right amount even though our bodies are unable to build up stocks, this forces continuous intake to enjoy all the benefits, so here is where you can find it:


  • beef
  • chicken
  • Pork (higher levels in the heart and liver)


  • herring
  • sardines
  • crustaceans
  • shellfish (shrimps and scallops)

There are foods that contain lower amounts, but it is good to incorporate them into our diet:

  • dairy products
  • eggs
  • seeds and nuts
  • legumes
  • vegetables
  • vegetable oils
Coenzyme Q10 fruit

For convenience, we did a little research on foods and concentrations of coenzyme Q10

Meat and Fish

FoodCoenzyme Q10 (mg/kg)
Beef heart113,3
Heart of pork118,1 – 282
Chicken liver116,2 – 132,2
Heart of herring120,0 – 148,4
Beef liver39 – 50
Pork liver22,7 – 54
Beef muscle26 – 40
Pork muscle13,8 – 45,0
Cod red meat43-67
Cod white meat44-16
Coenzyme Q10 spinach

Fruits and Vegetables

FoodCoenzyme Q10 (mg/kg)
Broccoli5,9 – 8,6
Sweet potato3,0 – 3,6
Green pepper3,3
Parsley8 – 26
Spinachup to 10
Grapes6 – 7
Oranges1 – 2

Oils and Nuts

FoodCoenzyme Q10 (mg/kg)
Soybean Oil54 – 280
Extra virgin olive oil114 – 160
Peanut Oil77
Canola Oil63,5 – 73,4
Grape seed oil64 – 73
Sunflower oil4 – 15
Almond Oil5 – 14
Peanuts (roasted)26,7
Sesame seeds18-23
Almonds5 – 14
Coenzyme Q10 walnuts

How much coenzyme Q10 to take?

The correct dose of coenzyme Q10 to take daily ranges from 30 mg to 200 mg per day. In the case of a diet low in foods containing it, it is always possible to rely on a good supplement to meet daily requirements and reap the full benefits of this magnificent substance.

Coenzyme Q10 and beauty, practically synonymous

With the growing awareness of the importance of diet and nutrition in health management, the beauty that comes from a healthy body is becoming an important part of the daily beauty routine. We women pay a lot of attention to taking care of our skin with treatments, massages, creams and make-up but still too often we forget that beautiful skin is the result of deep wellness that comes from proper nutrition and supplementation To always take the active ingredients that make us live better.

Integrates wellness for an energized body and glowing, sun-drenched skin.
Your Mrs. Adorable.

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