Summer, sea and the scent of sunscreen, is a beautiful feeling that feels so much like a vacation; winter, snow and the scent of sunscreen should be just as beautiful and characterizing for snowshoeing and skiing.

Can you smell that pungent scent of cold in the air, the gray in your eyes and those long sunsets? It is the winter that comes.

(Stephen Littleword)

I am Mrs. Adorable and I am about to tell you about something you may not know. The UVA and UVB rays so dreaded in summer are also present in massive quantities in the mountains; I talked about them some time ago in two articles:

Simply put, at high altitudes due to the reduction of the atmosphere, the sun’s rays are more powerful and potentially dangerous, plus when we are in the snow to ski, snowshoe, or enjoy relaxing moments outside the lodge on the deck chair, The effect of refraction increases the amount and power of solar radiation. That is why it is essential to protect the skin with a good sunscreen.

Sun damage at high altitudes

Not using sunscreen in the long term exposes the skin to premature aging caused by sun radiation, while in the short term the risk of sunburn of the face, neck and ears is as real as at the beach in summer. In the mountains, we do not think about it because the cold and high altitude do not make us feel the heat of the sun, but in fact its power is very high and dangerous. Protecting the skin, in addition to giving a very beautiful and even color, slows down the skin aging process and keeps the skin soft, moisturized and supple.

Girl in the snow protection

Protect toddlers with sunscreen

Did you know that children’s skin is much more fragile and exposed to UV damage?

Children’s skin is thinner and its self-defense system against sunlight is not fully developed. This condition causes 50 to 80 percent more damage and sunburn during childhood and adolescence.

If your children, grandchildren, or younger cousins love to ski and snowboard, they need to be protected from the sun’s radiation with lots of care so that they can have fun in the snow safely.

Mother and daughter lying in the snow

When to apply sunscreen

Exactly like the sea, to maintain maximum effectiveness of protection, sunscreen should be applied to exposed parts several times a day, and likewise, in the evening after showering indulge in a few moments of relaxation with a gentle massage by applying an after-sun cream to soothe and moisturize the skin preparing it for the next day in the snow.

Happy vacations, hope for lots of snow and good tan, healthy and protected by Mrs Adorable.

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