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Perfect tan, the importance of hydration

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Summer arrives anticipated by so much heat and sun. The Pursuit of the Perfect Tan might be the title of a movie, it’s actually what we women want during the summer.

Sunbathing has many beneficial effects on our body , it promotes the production of vitamin D, a panacea for bones and the immune system, as well as obviously giving us the much desired tan. However, it is good to be very careful when exposed to sunlight, as without adequate skin and body preparation, and without sunscreen, we can encounter very serious problems .

But it is not only with the absolutely fundamental protection that we avoid sunburn, erythema, skin aging and get a more beautiful and lasting tan, there is a simple and affordable way that greatly improves the effects of sun exposure: hydration!

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

(Loren Eiseley)

Our body is mostly made up of water. Infants have a water percentage of 75% of the total body mass, in adults it is about 65%. This is why good hydration is essential for our well-being . Follow me I’m about to explain how good hydration improves tan. I’m Mrs Adorable and I love giving you tips on wellness and tanning .


Imagine being on vacation, by the sea, by the lake or in the mountains and enjoying a splendid sunny day outdoors, what happens is that the body exposed to the sun reacts by activating the melanin and through a natural process colors the skin, creating a shield to protect her. But melanin alone is not enough, the natural protection mechanism does not filter UV rays , it is therefore necessary to help the action of melanin with a good sunscreen that has a protection factor suitable for our skin.

But there is another action you can do to improve your tan is to make your skin more beautiful, you can hydrate yourself . A hydrated skin increases protection, as the intake of liquids, especially during the summer, prevents dehydration of the tissues , the skin regenerates more easily by stimulating the activation of the natural protection of our body against the sun’s rays.


During the summer, due to the heat and the sun, our body increases the consumption of liquids , at the same time exposure to the sun often causes annoying burns that can make the holiday less pleasant. If you do not hydrate properly the outermost layers of the dermis dry out, losing their natural elasticity and the ability to retain water, dehydration results in less protection and a higher risk of sunburn. It is easy to understand the importance of good hydration, especially when you decide to sunbathe, and it is for this reason that it is very important to listen to your body, in fact, it is he who sends us so many signals to show you that it is necessary to integrate liquids. When there is a beautiful day, perhaps with a little wind, it is very easy to lose large quantities of liquids without noticing, but interpreting some signals promptly allows you to quickly run for cover . Slight dizziness, a feeling of thirst, fatigue and intestinal irregularities are eloquent alarm bells that indicate that we are in reserve of water.


Have you seen how important it is to hydrate properly? Do you know that we can act directly on the skin ? A good after-sun cream for example is excellent for maintaining the right degree of hydration of the skin and preparing it for the next day but there is a little secret that I am about to reveal to you and that almost no one knows, on the other hand I am Mrs Adorable!

Do you know that hyaluronic acid, which we all know for its aesthetic effects, is actually a friend of suntan ?

Hyaluronic acid holds liquids right where it is needed, in the different layers of the skin, plumping it and making it more hydrated, in this way we prepare it to receive the sun’s rays, improving resistance to sunburn.

There are cosmetics that contain hyaluronic acid in 5 different molecular weights, in addition to acting in the different layers of the skin making it more beautiful, smooth, toned and luminous, they allow you to get a better tan .

What more could you ask for? From Mrs Adorable, good tan and good hydration.

Mrs AdorablePerfect tan, the importance of hydration

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