How to have fresh and moisturized tanned skin

Sun, sun and more sun, summer is in its prime, some of you have already gone on vacation, others are leaving and many will take a well-deserved relaxing break in August, in common you had the desire for tanned skin.

The sun is our ally; thanks to its rays, vitamin D precious for our well-being is produced, bones and muscles benefit, and it is an incredible panacea for a good mood. So on with tanning, the sun’s rays, with proper precautions are our friends.

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about in this article, I want to reveal practical tips for getting the most out of your tan and having smooth, moisturized skin. I am Mrs Adorable and these are my TOP 5 tips.

Tanned skin and beta carotene

FIRST TIP: Beta carotene

Beta carotene is an incredible ally for tanning, making it more colorful and golden, but few people know that beta carotene makes the skin soft and healthy as it promotes tissue growth and repair. Its name is closely related to the carrot we all know for its pro-sunbathing properties. During the summer, it is essential to take beta carotene because the sun, wind and salt from the sea tend to dry out and crack our skin. Its action allows the skin to regenerate faster and regenerates tissue, helping the healing of minor sunburns and rashes.

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SECOND TIP: Moisturize the skin.

How thirsty do you get in summer? Normally in the summer time we feel very thirsty, our body warns us that we need to drink and quench our thirst, in the same way our skin sends us unmistakable signals when it needs hydration, the epidermis should be regarded as if it were a person, and in the summertime it needs a lot of extra hydration. A few simple actions allow us to moisturize the skin such as using hyaluronic acid. In addition to being a terrific toner, it helps retain water while keeping the skin soft and hydrated. Hydrated skin tans much better than dry, distressed skin.

Tanned skin and idtarara

THIRD TIP: Moisturize from the inside out.

We are made of water, drinking the right amount of it is essential for our well-being. But water is not the only natural source to draw from for a hydrated body. In addition to drinking at least two liters of water a day, it is important to supplement the diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as being fresh foods and ideal for summer they bring lots of vitamins to our bodies for a unique mix of well-being and energy. But how good is a super salad all colorful or a mega fruit salad refreshed by a scoop of ice cream to look at?

Tanned and healthy skin, the right breaks

FOURTH TIP: Give yourself breaks.

Yes I know, the temptation is strong, you’re finally at the beach, the desire for a tan might lead you to overdo the exposure, but skin suffering from too much radiation could become irritated, sunburned, and erythema could appear, not to mention long-term damage such as premature aging. If you want fresh, healthy skin, you need to give it “time to breathe” and expose yourself by avoiding the hottest hours, gradually increasing the exposure time day by day, and of course always protecting with a good sunscreen.

FIFTH TIP: Pamper yourself at the end of the day.

You’ve hydrated, taken in beta-carotene, moisturized your skin and protected yourself with a good sunscreen well but not great! To complete the task at the end of the day, after a refreshing shower, give yourself a relaxing massage by applying after-sun cream. The after-sun cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin while refreshing it, providing relief in cases of minor sunburn and redness and better preparing the skin for the next day.

And as always good tan with healthy, fresh and moisturized tanned skin from your Mrs. Adorable.

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