How to maintain a golden tan

How much time and effort have you put into getting a golden, glowing tan? Vacations pass and the risk is to see the beautiful skin color fade away in a moment. Without a few little tricks, which few put into practice, we find ourselves almost back to square one in a few days, regretting our beautiful tan as a thing of the past.

But I’m Mrs. Adorable and I’m here to help you!
I am about to reveal some secrets to prolong the color of your tan for as long as possible. Here are my top 5 tips:

Prolong your tan with the right foods

1- Take care of nutrition

A while back I talked about how important nutrition is to getting a golden tan, if you missed the articles and have to leave for vacation I suggest you take a peek:

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What foods are rich in beta carotene?

Similarly, nutrition plays a key role in prolonging the tan you’ve so painstakingly acquired; hydration and melanin-stimulating foods are the top picks for achieving the goal. Get in the habit of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, preferring those yellow-orange colored, antioxidant red fruits, dried fruits and olive oil, they will help keep your skin soft by preventing that dryness that accelerates cracking and peeling. Remember that a diet rich in water, fruits and vegetables is not only a great ally of tanning me it is a real boon to our bodies put under stress by fried foods and a few little vices we indulge in on vacation. Also don’t forget about beta carotene, besides being a great ally of our body it has the ability to give you a darker skin color, my advice is to take it through diet and quality supplements.

Tanning better the shower

2 – Better shower, avoid hot bath

You should know that prolonged skin contact with hot bath water promotes flaking. A nice shower that is not excessively hot is an incredible help in keeping the skin supple. My advice is to use natural cleansers, not too harsh so as not to wash away the tan.

3 – Blot dry by dabbing and not rubbing

Once the shower is over, dry yourself by patting your skin dry. Towel rubbing tends to stress the skin and facilitates color loss. Try to choose microfiber towels and bathrobes, in addition to being lighter in weight they have far greater absorbency than traditional terry cloth.

In case you have leftover after-sun cream from your vacation use it! It has excellent soothing and moisturizing powers that help keep skin soft and firm while promoting color retention, plus you’ll avoid wasting the product, which like sunscreens has an expiration date.

4 – Avoid air conditioning as much as possible.

Did you know that air conditioning is the enemy of your golden tan? I know, these days it is virtually impossible to do without, but the more you resist, the longer your magnificent tan that you have so painstakingly achieved will last. In fact, air conditioning tends to dry out the skin by affecting the first state, just the colored one, the effect being that dry skin tends to flake much more easily taking away the summer tan. In conclusion, less air conditioning and a golden tan that lasts longer.

The sun on the return from vacation

5 – Sunshine sunshine and more sunshine

Summer is still long, but even when fall arrives many days will be warm and pleasant for outdoor sports or indulging in a walk in a park or a weekend trip to the lake. Take advantage of these moments, a lunch break, an afternoon off from work at the office, the weekend, take advantage of these moments of relaxation, even 20 to 30 minutes spent in the sun is enough to fix and prolong a golden tan. Remember, during exposure, to always use sunscreen, protection is important all year round! I discuss it here:

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In conclusion, I wish you a safe return from vacation and a very long, golden tan. Your Mrs. Adorable.

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